Sunday 19th February 2017

Planting tulips


Ron Reflects on the Meaning of Labor Day

I was just thinking about planting tulips. I think about it every year, about this time, when we get close to spring. The problem is, you must plant tulip bulbs in the fall, and I never think about it, then when it's the right time to act on the thought. I have a few tulips scattered around, that come up every year, but I wish I had lots more. Every year when the yen for more tulips strikes me in the spring, I promise myself, that next year, I will remember to plant some more tulips in the fall, and then the thought escapes me until the following spring, when I once again regret having forgotten to plant more tulips the previous autumn.

I guess, two of my greatest regrets in life are not remembering to plant more tulips, and never having fully mastered the use of commas. Maybe, I will tie a string around my finger to remind me this coming fall about planting more tulips. I am too old to worry much about commas, unless there really is reincarnation, and if there is, I doubt that butterflies use commas very much anyway.

Planting Tulips posted from New Harmony Indiana by Ron Nesler

Someone is full of crap


No Money for New Harmony Bridge But Plenty For Trump Wall

Someone is full of crap

I live 300 yards from one end of a CONDEMNED interstate bridge across the Wabash River, dividing Indiana and Illinois. This bridge has been condemned lacking MINOR structural repairs for several years. Because of this, people in New Harmony Indiana must drive 30 miles to get to the next nearest neighboring community, which is Crossville Illinois. Prior to the condemnation of our bridge across the Wabash river, this was a six mile drive. Families and small businesses in both communities suffer. My favorite gardening supply store, once in Crossville, was put out of business, when the bridge closed. Businesses in New Harmony suffer the loss of visitors from Illinois, who once crossed the bridge for food and a movie. Our movie theatre has since closed it's doors. This is going on all over America.

Our Red State Tea Party legislators here in Indiana tell us there is NO MONEY to fix our roads or bridges. They say we are too broke to repair  falling down infrastructure either here in Indiana or anywhere else in America. But, now the SAME TEA PARTY REPUBLICANS are wildly in favor of taxing us to build a 30 foot high 2000 mile long Trump wall of concrete and rebar wall around our entire southern border. Some one is full of crap. Is it ME or the Tea Party Republicans. You decide.


Someone is full of crap!

Ron Nesler posting from near the New Harmony Bridge

making gooks of women


I read a newspaper article this morning. about an Indiana state Senator referring to the women's marchers as just a bunch of fat women out walking. HERE'S THE ARTICLE  This bigoted lout deserves to have this bite him in his fascist politician ass. Some of the people who do this are just stupid, but some of them know what they are doing, when they dehumanize certain groups such as women or gays. In this case he is making gooks of women.

Fascist right wingers marginalize and dehumanize women and other groups by mocking them and making such hateful demeaning jokes among themselves. The fact is, if you deny someone's humanity, it becomes much easier to justify denying them their human rights.

We did this to the Vietnamese people during that war by referring to them as gooks. We called it the gookification of the indigenous people. Once we had gookified them, it was possible to rationalize any mistreatment of them. I personally will not tolerate this gookification of women or any other set of human beings. Spout this crap around me, and you get called out on it. I hope you won't tolerate it either, that's how the world gets better, through resistance. 


Making Gooks of Women posted by Ron Nesler from New Harmony Indiana

Proverbial panties taken down


Ron Reflects on the Meaning of Labor Day

Just a note to my Tea Party friends in Red State Indiana. Folks, you have had your proverbial panties taken down, by the rabble rousers. They fired you up about draining the swamp of political insiders in our government. But, every single one of President elect Trump's cabinet appointees has been a corporate or government insider, every single one. And, in those states which elected Republical state legislatures,  such as Indiana, we are already seeing the working class under viscious attack. Read this, INDIANA GOP WANTS HIGHER GASOLINE TAX.

In case you can't figure out why they chose a higher gasoline tax, instead of say a higher state income tax, let me help you. The rich don't have to drive to work. Gasoline taxes are paid mostly by working class poor people who have to drive to work. In Indiana and other Red States, they are driving to low wage jobs with no health insurance benefits, so in the GOP mind set, they are the perfect target for a tax hike. They are too busy trying to surviveto complain. While if the state legislature taxes incomes, stock dividends, corporate profits or the purchase of yachts and private air planes, the rich will raise holy hell and buy a new set of state legislators.

Not pissed off yet? Consider this, the SAME piece of GOP legislation would create a TAX PENALTY for those Hoosiers driving electric cars.


Posted by Ron Nesler from New Harmony Indiana



Evangelical Christians


I spend a lot of time on FaceBook. I have about 2000 FB friends from all across the political spectrum. I cast my friend net widely, because I like to hear what different sorts of people are thinking. Here is a scary discovery, I made this week end.  Lots of Evangelical Christians are saying, that President Trump's election was divinely inspired. They are saying that Trump is the instrument of Jesus, and he is going to wipe out ungodliness and "sin" among Americans. If you think I am making this up, get out on FaceBook and join some Evangelical groups to witness it for yourself.

This is scary stuff. I am pretty sure Trump himself knows he is not a direct agent of any diety, but I am equally sure, he will use this to the hilt to advance whatever agenda he has. Scary scary stuff. America, we have problems!




hugely satisfying application of brute force


The View From New Harmony

Beneath my desk is an electric heater intended to keep my feet warm, while I mull and fret and tap away at my keyboard. The heater has an assortment of possible settings, the most dauntingly complicated of which is a timer setting. The complexity of the timer setting is roughly equivalent to trying to do math exercises using only Japanese characters. One of the many possible choices on the timer setting is to disable the timer, so that the heater runs continuously, until the thermostat (another separate setting) temporarily shuts the heater off, until more heat is needed, then turns the heat back on.

Setting the thermostat is wonderfully simple, you just move a little lever left or right to decrease or increase the temp setting. It is pretty clear to me, that since the thermostat setting controls the heat, that the timer, besides being Einstein level complex, is totally unnecessary.

The kicker is, that if the timer is not set in some manner acceptable to the design of the heater, nothing else works. No proper timer setting, no heat for you, Bucko.

I have been struggling with setting or disabling the timer for weeks now. My best efforts have produced heat that comes and goes erratically on some mysterious cycle completely unconnected to my need for warm feet. The bastard heater comes on and goes off at will, and has defied me to do anything about it.

Three A.M. this morning found me sitting in my underwear in my dim office, with the approximately seventy four pound heater balanced precariously on m lap and a heavy tactical flashlight tucked under my chin for illumination, and struggling to set the timer while reading the gibberish instructions on the manufacturers cheesy made in China website. I had been at this project, for about two hours, when rage at the metaphorical machine overcame me and I hauled off and whacked the heater directly across the timer control with the heavy tactical flashlight previously tucked under my chin for lighting.

Immediately upon being struck this heavy blow with the flashlight, the timer was disabled and the heater magically came on. That was about eight hours ago, and since then, the bastardly defiant heater has been running smoothly and going on and off at the instructions of its THERMOSTAT, and the evil and complex timer may go to Hell!

This is not only a major victory for mankind over mechanical devices, but it also reaffirms my life long belief in the efficacy of brute force over rebellious small appliances. Let me find my mallet, and we shall unstick the freaking toaster.

Posted from New Harmony, Indiana by Ron Nesler

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odd-jobs-12762718_f248Sue and I are looking for someone to do yard work, odd jobs and errands for a few hours per week every week all year around. A minimum of 4 hours per week in the winter, more hours in the summer. A student would be great. We offer $8.50 per hour to start. Or up to $10 per hour for a self starter with experience and good references. And extra money if you bring your own mower and leaf blower. We are easy to get along with and pretty flexible in scheduling, but some of our needs include hard physical work. Call us at 682 3740


Trump? Good Grief, GOP !


democratic-party-2046Trump? Good Grief, GOP! 

I have been an independent voter all of my life. Voting for both Democrats and Republicans. That is over with. This Donald Trump ugliness has changed that. Trump is evil incarnate. He is a hateful racist bigot. He is un-American. He is a liar, a crook, a con man and a selfish bully.  Trump is an affront to everything good and decent about America. Trump is a danger to to good government, good order and good decent people. He is willing to destroy the nation to build a new TV network to sell cheap Chinese junk to brain dead morons. He makes George Wallace and Richard Nixon look like decent humans by comparison. Trump is a potential mega disaster for humanity on the scale of Adolph Hitler.

The Republican party Big Shots know as well as anyone, that Trump is a disaster for our country. But, these GOP "leaders" hold their noses and embrace Trump anyway, because they believe he may advance their stupid, short sighted interests. That's it for me, folks. I declare as an an active, check writing enthusiastic supporter and grateful member of the Democratic party. The Democratic party is run by human beings with human flaws, they are not perfect. But, their human flaws pale into insignificance, when compared to the GOP selling its soul to support this un-American monster Donald Trump. 

A vote for any Republican, at any level of government is an endorsement of this Trump horror show. I won't do it, not even for the office of city Dog Catcher. I hope you wont either. Put me down as a straight Democratic ticket voter, until such time as the Republican party disappears into history as an evil and failed enterprise, and the Whigs reappear. When that happens, I will consider Whig candidates on their individual merits, but I tell you right now, this old country boy will never again (NOT EVER) vote for any candidate of the Republican party. They have gone too far astray for me.



hs-greencapcousins-reunion-img_3271During election season, lots of politicians come by to visit with Honey Sue. Yesterday, it was Senator Evan Bayh. I am not sure, but I think Honey Sue is supporting the Senator in this election!

Horrible Insult To WW II Veterans


Horrible Insult To WW II Veterans


wwii-vet-20151103__alj-veterans-1106-011I received a document from a reader, they say it was copied from a Face Book post, which has since been deleted by the poster. Here is what it said:

"The boomer generation was raised by a group of men who saved the world. That group of 18-24 year old men also likely raped or molested thousands of European & Asian women along the way."


Here is a link to the  THE ENTIRE POST  as supplied to this web site. Read these words, and in a multiple choice quiz, tell me, WHO do you think posted this foul insult to WW II veterans?

A. Donald Trump …………..

B. Benedict Arnold …..

C. Hanoi Jane Fonda   ………. 

D. Tokyo Rose …..

E. A local Republican candidate for Posey County Council at Large

It was my intention to vote for this young candidate, but I won't now. I am too young to have served in WW II, but I can testify that I served 15 months in the Vietnam war, without ever raping anyone. Or stealing or lying either for that matter. Almost ALL of my fellow soldiers can say the same thing. This privileged young man is a perfect example of why we need to go back to mandatory military service for ALL in this nation. As it is now, the poor and working class carry all the burden of our wars, and the privileged young  "elites" are protected from serving and lack any clue of what war or military service is like. They need to learn, if they want to drive the bus.


Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony Indiana.



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