Sunday 23rd November 2014

51st Anniversary of the Murder of JFK



Kennedy-JFK-JACKIE-CROPPED51st Anniversary of the Murder of JFK

Yesterday was the 22nd of November, and the 51st anniversary of the murder of JFK. If there was anything in the news yesterday commemorating that world changing event, I missed it. I didn't see a single word in any of the media yesterday about the John F. Kennedy assassination. How odd! His murder forever changed our nation and the world. As an example of that prfound effect, many thoughtful and well  informed people alive at that time believe that the Vietnam war would never have happened, had Kennedy lived. I agree with that.

Why does the media ignore the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy? Why does our government want us to forget about this seminal event? Is it because……………………….

No Sacrifice to Serving in Congress


crooked-Congress-Hijacking-DemocimagesYou MIGHT want to be careful with this link–>  "Congressional Careers: Service Tenure and Patterns of Member Service, 1789-2013"  or you might accidently learn something.

In the beginning, the US Constitution created Congress and Congress was good. The people would elect (or in the Senate appoint ) Representatives to Congress and those Representatives would make the SACRIFICE of serving one or two terms. The people would elect or appoint NEW Representatives to Congress. The people were well served by these rapidly rotated citizen legislators. But, then after the US Civil War, we began to see a new sort of creature in Congress. Representatives began to seek additional terms and Congress became the home of the ………………………

Dismiss that which insults your soul


Dismiss that which insults your soul

Walt-Whitman INSERTA lot of times, when I lie awake late at night thinking, it seems like life has a lot more questions than answers. On the other hand, sometimes during the day time, when I listen to (or read from the writings of) those around me, it often seems the other way around, that I am being offered a Hell of a lot more answers, than I have questions. Have you ever thought about that?

When I get to mulling over all of the answers to life's questions that people are offering up to me — people like advertising persons and church people and lawyers and politicians and such —  a lot of these "answers" (most?) seem to me to be pretty obviously……………………………………

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