Sunday 14th December 2014

Ordinary People

greedy bastards isn't everything enough

Ron-firs-ICON-WE$B-SITE-Cousins-PicNic-IMG_3294Most human problems are spiritual problems and require spiritual solutions. Government can't help us much with those. Government is too ham handed and inefficient to fix spiritual problems. Besides, government is paid by "campaign donors" to do things exactly against the spiritual interests of ordinary people. Corporations and all levels of government have their own axes to grind. Far from helping us solve our spiritual problems, corporations and government create most of our spiritual problems. They do this to fleece us of our human rights for their selfish profit. To rob us, they use both force and fraud against us to sell us unnatural ideas.  

The only hope I see for ordinary people to thrive and be happy is ………………….

Working Men’s Institute in New Harmony, IN





I would like to say thank you to the Working Men's Institute. I just read a wonderful new biography of Napoleon written by Andrew Roberts and titled NAPOLEON: A LifeIt was a wonderfully researched history book and a pure joy to read. Mr Roberts studied many historical documents in writing this history. Among those were over 33,000 letters written by Napolean himself during his life time. The author also visited 58 of the………………………





I gave up on Christmas several years ago. First of all, I am not really religious, and besides I do not enjoy either debt or alcohol abuse, which seem to be the two major parts of Christmas,

I can remember a time, when I did celebrate Christmas, not as…………………

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