Monday 26th September 2016

Democratic Party not democratic?


President Obama, the leader of the Democratic Party, has just VETOED LEGISLATION , that would allow Americans to sue Saudia Arabia, over deaths and loss incurred in the 9/11 attacks. Those attacks on Sept 11th 2001, killed about 3,000 Americans, and forever destroyed the freedom and privacy that Americans enjoyed before that day. Nineteen of the 21 terrorists who carried out the attacks were Saudi Arabian citizens, and there is very little doubt left, that the terrorists were backed by the Saudi government. Which, by the way, is awash in oil money made by over charging American workers for gasoline. And also, by the way, passionately hates America for religious reasons. 

Why would President Obama want to deny American citizens the legal right to sue the perpetrators of the ………………



France has become the first nation to BAN PLASTIC CUPS AND PLATES.   In France, disposable cups and plates, will soon be required to be biodegradable in home composting systems.

In July, France had already imposed a total ban on the distribution of lightweight plastic bags at supermarket checkouts, a measure already in place in several countries. Bangladesh became the first nation to ban the plastic shopping bags in 2002, after they blocked up drainage systems during flooding. Countries including South Africa, Kenya, China, Rwanda and Mexico have followed suit on the plastic shopping bags.
Planet Earth is drowning in our own immortal plastic and chemical wastes. To save ourselves, we must force the corporations to use only BIO-DEGRADABLE materials for disposable items. Not everything, just disposable items. France is on the right track, along with many other nations. In the US, the corporations remain too powerful to permit sane ecolological measures. Viva la France!



I am already old, and I want to get much older. Part of my longevity plan is to grow old "gently" in the peaceful quiet town of New Harmony, Indiana. Very little stress here! Another thing, I try to do is to eat more vegetables and dried beans and less red meat. I also walk a little bit almost everyday, and do as much of my own yard work, as I am able. I gave up booze over thirty years ago and tobacco over 20 years ago. I have a good wife, with a kind generous nature, she is my daily ray of sunshine, and we treat one another with great affection and respect. All of these factors are supposed to add years to one's life. Will I live a long long time? I don't know, but I am having a great time, waiting to see!

Here is an ARTICLE ABOUT HOW TO GROW OLD , I just read it, and that got me thinking about this topic!



Another try at providing a clue for the Democratic Party.

For weeks, I have tried to write a message containing a clue for the Democratic Party. This early morning, it came to me in a dream, that I had not yet tried brevity and simplicity. Let me give those a whack, if I am so capable. Here is my simple and brief message to the Democratic Party.

Hello, Democratic Party? I approach as a friend. Here BELOW is a clue for the Democratic Party! ………………

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