Sunday 28th August 2016

I am a liberal Democrat, who is about to vote for Donald Trump

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Ron Icon As anyone who knows me will testify, I am a very liberal "small d" democrat and a "Big D" Democrat to boot. Donald Trump is clearly a shallow, selfish, insensitive crook, who would be extremely dangerous, if given the power of the US Presidency. And, I may vote for the evil worthless bastard anyway, because I am wildly pissed off at the Democratic Party elite. 

The Democratic party big shots rigged the primaries, and cheated Bernie Sanders' supporters, even though Hillary would have probably won anyway, even if they hadn't cheated. They combined selfish disregard for the law with a stupid misjudgment of their own self interests. I can't help but be reminded of the small minded bungling of Richard "Tricky Dick" Nixon, when he destroyed himself and his party with a burglary of the DNC, that was not only immoral and illegal but stupid and counter productive as well. In my book, the DNC has put itself in the same league with Tricky Dick.

But, that is not even my biggest problem with our current crop of professional politicians running the Democratic Party. My biggest moral problems with the Democrats is that a huge scandal of corruption has been exposed at the US Department of Veterans Affairs during the Obama Presidency, and the Democrats have chosen NOT to fix the problems, but rather to pretend they don't exist.

Nobody is blaming the Democratic party for creating the corruption in VA. I am a Vietnam vet and VA has been corrupt for at least 50 years, that I know of. At the VA, they steal tax dollars, enrich crooked contractors and kill military veterans each and every day with shoddy third rate medical practices, not allowed anywhere else in western medicine. The VA is immune to both law suits by victims and to prosecution by any level of law enforcement. VA handles $200 BILLION per year of tax money, and they scare Congress members to death, when they threaten to withhold spending from the Congressman's district. Both political parties are guilty of creating VA corruption. Neither political party is more guilty than the other.

VA lies to Congress, taxpayers and to veterans and gets by with it because they control the power make Congressmen buckle under. And, because they spend $100 million per year on "public relations." VA is lying and VA kills military veterans daily with its corruption and shoddy work. But, this is NOT the fault of our current president, it is a decades old culture of corruption, waste fraud and abuse. But, the scandals with VA broke open during the Obama administration, and the Democrats rather than trying fix things, got defensive, and have tried to deny that the problems exist. The Democrats have decided from the top of the party to the bottom to take criticism of VA as criticism of the Democratic party. That is not at all true, and by refusing to address the issue honestly, Democrats are killing even more veterans, while the asshole Republicans have a field day exposing VA crimes, as if these problems just started under President Obama.

NOTE TO DEMOCRATIC PARTY: I may vote for Donald Trump, even knowing that he is a complete asshole, and will be bad for the country. If I DO, it will because you cynical milquetoasts at the Democratic Party, won't be honest about VA and fix the damn problems, which are robbing taxpayers and killing military veterans. And, note THIS, if I a liberal Democrat actually DO for Donald Trump, I will vote Republican all the way up and down the ticket. In my view, the local Democratic candidates don't deserve my vote, if they won't support military veterans, by insisting the top of the ticket get honest and fix the VA.

Mark me down as a liberal Vietnam vet, who is sick and tired of cynicism out of a Democratic party that ONCE used to be operated on liberal principals rather than crass political expediency. And let me be very clear, I do NOT blame Democrats for single handedly creating the corruption at VA, they didn't. I blame Democrats for trying to avoid blame, by sitting on their asses, and pretending nothing is wrong at VA. 








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Ron IconI am not much of one to do a lot of praying. But, this presidendial election has caused me to do lot of spiritual fretting ang mulling. Maybe, I am some sort of nut, but I attach a lot of importance and responsibility to how I cast my ballot. This years two choices for president are causing me to have a lot of moral wrestling matches with myself.

It is obvious to the most casual of observers, that Donald Trump is a shallow self seeking charlaton, and a low brow, uneducated, bigotted, racist, homophobic rabble rouser to boot. And, an incapable fool. I get all of that.

It is equally obvious that Hillary Clinton is a devious, self seeking shill for corporate America, who would start a war in a minute, if there was a dollar in it.She has already shown her willingness to destroy the democratic process in order to be our first female president. The chance that she would sell out our whole system of government to glorify herself is pretty real. Hillary is the very icon of corporate corruption of democracy. I get all of that, too.

Both major candidates are enemies of democracy. So what is a boy to do? Vote for a selfish, self entitled spoiled rich boy like Trump? Or a self seeking shill of the banks and corporations like Hillary? Or go third party with the Greens or Libertarians as a "protest,"  which will in practical effect only help asshole number one, Mr Trump? I change my mind on a almost dailly basis.

My heart wants to go with a progressive, and Hillary has no standing in that regard. But, if I go Green, am I going to help elect Mr Trump? Hillary seems to be the lesser of two major revolting evils, but if I vote for her, I might as well write in GW Bush, because in my view, they are morally and politically identical. Maybe, I should just vote for Mr Trump, and hope that if he is elected, he will bring such disaster on us, that the whole corrupt two party system will collapse, and we can start all over again, and maybe get right the next time around.

And, none of the above even takes into account the LIBERTARIAN PARTY, all of who's social policies I really like.

This election is presenting some pretty complex moral questions to thinking people, who also happen to give a crap about democracy. I am open to suggetions and argument. I am praying for guidance. Convince me, one way or another!


Religion and virtue



The mass killings in Orlando last night have me thinking of religion. Muslims murder Jews, Christians and gays to promote their religion. Christians murder Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Jews and abortion clinic workers and gays to promote their religion. Hindus and Buddhists skin each other alive to promote their religions. Jews murder Muslims and anyone else that gets in their way to promote their religion. In Ireland Catholics murder Protestants and Protestants murder Catholics to promote their religions.  Both Catholic and Protestant churches everywhere hide the truth about horrible sexual abuses against children to protect their religions. In the American south the evangelical churches are hand in glove with the violence and hatred of the KKK. In Indiana and several other states, the born again Christians expend enormous energy and money to murder, bully and deny human rights to gays and lesbians and POOR women seeking legal abortions. Everywhere on the planet religious organizations hoard obscene wealth while innocent children starve and millions go without basic amenities or health care. 

My questions are,

#1. Why do we give these religious groups tax free status?

# 2. Where in the Hell do these people get off, speaking ill of atheists? 


Ron Nesler thinking about religion and virtue from good old New Harmony, Indiana

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