Sunday 25th January 2015

Humor me





I am an old man, and not especially well. I am admittedly not very sound of either body or mind, and far past the point where I pose much of a credible threat to  either persons or political institutions. Many very important people, including several in high public offices have agreed, that I am a blathering old nut. (Hello Senator Donnelly and Congressman Bucshon) They paint me as an addle patted old fool who doesn't know beans about anything, a harmless old crank.  Please allow this impotent old crank a few opinions. What damage could it do?  Humor a harmless old fool.

Here are some of my thoughts on………………………….





I grew up in a small town of a few hundred people. There were no computers when I was a boy and television was still pretty new. I believe my Uncle Bob Nesler and a local farmer named Rusty Price may have had the first two television sets in or around our small town. My Mom and Dad and I used to listen to the radio at night back then, I remember radio programs such as Fibber McGee and Molly and the Lone Ranger and the Jack Benny Show. We had no library and the concept of getting and reading big city newspapers and news magazines was not something, which seemed to occur to anyone I knew as a boy.  Our social interaction with one another revolved around ……………………………

Worst possible day to commit suicide

Ron Reflects on the Meaning of Labor Day


Worse Possible Day to Commit Suicide



I am a pretty ordinary guy, a low to moderate achiever in most respects, and haven't really made much of a splash in life. But, I have been blessed to know some pretty remarkable people, maybe even a giant or two along the way. One of those contenders for gainthood was my good old friend Albert Sandoval, now departed, whose many and  eclectic achievements included being  ………………………

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