Friday 22nd May 2015

New Harmony Project


New Harmony Project

Ron-firs-ICON-WE$B-SITE-Cousins-PicNic-IMG_3294Indiana gets (and sometimes deserves) a lot of bad publicity, because of national news stories about some of our bigoted right wing political nuts . I speak of folks such as Mike Pence, Larry Bucshon, Dan Coats and the other Tea Party US Senate candidate Murdoch who actually told the world that here in Indiana pregnacy by rape was "God's will." These extremist whackos manage to grab the national spotlight pretty often and make us Hoosiers all look bad. But they don't represent the REAL Indiana. Not even close. Not by a far shot.

The real Indiana is represented by Indiana's decent ordinary people, by its arts and spiritual Meccas such as New Harmony, Indiana and by its artsy progressive events like the NEW HARMONY PROJECT.




I was just reading the fine print on a can of smoked oysters. I love smoked oysters, especially with cream cheese on crackers. A Hell of a fine snack, and nothing could be more of an all American munchie than smoked oysters.

But according to the label on my present can of smoked oysters, these little boogers were ………………….





 I am almost seventy years old, and I have just recently become confidently able to purchase a package of new T-shirts without buying the wrong kind and making myself uncomfortable. I love to wear T-Shirts as an outer gsarment, but they must be long enough to tuck in comfortably, have a usable pocket at the right height on the T-shirt, provide a snug comfortable fit without being too tight and have good sturdy necks that do not …………………….

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