Saturday 13th February 2016

Jim Tomes


tomesI can finally reveal the truth, about Indiana state senator Jim Tomes. Jim Tomes is not an actual flesh and blood human being. He is a parody created by the the writers at Saturday Night Live. The intention being  to make us Hoosiers look bad. People from Indiana are quickly acquiring a national image as a bunch of hicks, who have never read a book or embraced any idea originating after 1836. This is more easily done, because Jim has the center stage, and he has never met a weapon of violence, upon whose bandwagon he was not eager to leap. The Evansville Courier and Press just today ran this tongue in cheek editorial about Jim and his gun nuttiness. 

If the name Senator Jim Tomes doesn't ring a bell for you, perhaps this will help; Jim is the Indiana state senator, who worked tirelessly for years to repeal the Indiana state law against selling switch blade knives. The fruit of Jim's efforts was Senate Bill 6 in 2013 that made selling switchblade knives legal for Hoosier gun sellers. Jim stated that the law against selling switchblades is out of date, because switchblades are hardly ever used in violent crimes in Indiana any more. It seems to escape him, that this is mainly, because switchblades have been hard to get, because they have been illegal to sell, while hand guns, (thanks to the gun lobby) have been cheap and easily available everywhere. (including public schools) Jim's legislation has now insured that the violent thugs will have as easy access to switchblades, as they do to handguns.  This was a great financial boon for pawn shops, flea markets, gun shows and gun stores who sell weapons to violent thugs, but not such a hot deal for innocent elderly citizens trying to find our cars in dark parking lots.

Among Jim's other accomplishments is his "PAY to PEE" legislation creating state "Restroom Police" in order to jail or fine gay or transgender people up to $5,000, if they perniciously try to relieve themselves in the "wrong" public restroom.  Jim of corse will be the judge of which is the 'right" or the "wrong" public facility. Jim is a Republican, and Republicans are widely held to be the top authorities on public restrooms, such as at airports and the like.


Posted by Ron Nesler during a moment of lucidity in New Harmony Indiana.


Minimum wage



Ron-firs-ICON-WE$B-SITE-Cousins-PicNic-IMG_3294America needs a higher minimum wage desperately. When rich Americans get their hands on money, that money goes out of circulation. The rich and the big corporations don't spend money, they hoard it and hide it. Their "take" from the local economy goes into either overseas bank accounts or other complicated schemes to avoid US taxes. This money is lost to the community where the workers generated it. And money in the hands of the rich is usually spirited out of USA as a whole. This is why Americans no longer have the highest standard of living in the world, or the best health care or the best anything for that matter. The rich are skinning us and sending our hides overseas to avoid taxes.

On the other hand, when the minimum wage is raised, everyone elses wages go up across the board at all levels of pay. And when working people get a hold of money we SPEND it. And, we spend it locally. We spend our wages close to home, taxes be damned, because we spend it to live! When wages are higher, local businesses prosper, because working people have more money to spend with those local businesses. Every week we working folks spend our pay check in our home communities. We spend it on food, shelter, medicine, clothing, school costs, local entertainment and a host of other local needs and comforts. None of the money paid out as wages to workers ends up hidden away in off shore tax havens. Money paid as wages stays in America and helps America be strong and grow stronger. When we working people spend more locally, local businesses make more profits, and they hire more local workers to take care of the increased business. Local government collects more taxes because of the increased local spending and the resulting increase in taxable property values. Your property is worth more, if your home is in a thriving and prosperous community. Locally, everyone wins, when wages increase.  The only people who have a real vested interest in keeping wages low, are America's parasite class, who want to ship all of America's wealth to Switzerland or the Cayman Islands. If you vote for political crooks who refuse to raise minimum wage, you are hurting everyone around you including yourself.

Low wages are destructive of everything that makes America great. Wake up and smell the coffee before Walmart and Wall Street steal your cat and send him to the Caymen Islands too. 





Minimum Wage is posted by Ron Nesler from New Harmony Indiana

Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke


Ron-firs-ICON-WE$B-SITE-Cousins-PicNic-IMG_3294 Having been around the block a few times, I am seldom surprised by the blatancy of self serving hooey emanating from the mouths of politicians. Often disgusted and offended, but almost never surprised. That said, Evansville, IN Mayor Lloyd Winnecke has just made my head spin with disbelief by bringing political bullshit to a whole new level of callous insincerity. Rich dude and Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke claims he understands what it is like to live in poverty, because he has taken part in SEVERAL 90 MINUTE POVERTY SIMULATION EXERCISES. 

Mayor Winnecke lacks a bleeding clue on this topic, and he knows that as well as I do. No one knows anything about poverty unless they have been cold because they couldn't pay a utility bill. Or unless they have been truly gut gnawing hungry in the midst of wonderful smelling food, because they lacked the money to buy some of it. No one such as Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke knows anything about poverty, because they have never had to wear broken down shoes or funny looking cast off clothing to public school. They have never been evicted from a rental home or had a car repossessed in the presence of their neighbors. Or been stuck with a traffic ticket to pay, because they lacked the money to repaior a turn signal. Other educational experiences that help one understand poverty are being drafted into the military and sent to war, being roughed up and or mocked by police officers, and being ignored at government offices, because you are poorly dressed and need a haircut. 

Winnecke doesn't know crap about living in poverty, and he knows that as well as I do, he is a self serving politician, who is actively against social programs to relieve poverty and openly opposes an increase in the minimum wage.

Congratulations to Evansville Mayor Lloyd  Winnecke, you have attained a new level of political cynicism, that makes a even an old hand like me gasp.


Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke



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