Saturday 1st August 2015

Pretending in New Harmony Indiana


Fits-truth-DESTROYED_BY_TRUTHNo more pretending in New Harmony Indiana

For many years, I have been THE GREAT PRETENDER. I have pretended that all sorts of "facts" were true, when I knew for sure they were phony baloney. I have pretended that the silliest ideas in the world were smart instead of stupid.  And, I have pretended, that I believed the stupid people around me were geniuses  I did this to be polite and try to "fit in." Well now I am old, and "fitting in" doesn't interest me anymore. I have decided that from this day forth, I will speak plainly and let the chips fall where they may. If some one or some thing is bullshit, I will call it that in a heart beat. There will be no more pretending from your's truly, here in New Harmony Indiana.

As an example, the first thing on which I am going to call bullshit is ………………………

I like People


NHW-RON-ThumbnailI like people. Not as much as I like dogs, but I like people pretty well. People are damn interesting. There is never a dull moment with people. People provide me new ideas to write about everyday, and some of them do it several times per day on average.

Consider this as an example, just last week one of the people I know woke me up at 7:00 AM on Father's Day with his noisey lawn mower. He has a lawn about the size of a postage stamp, but he mows it with the very best and noisiest of equipment, and he likes to mow it on Sunday mornings early, before I am even awake. Being it is such a tiny little lawn, it only takes him about 15 minutes to mow it, but that is just enough time and racket to get me irrepairably awake, long before I want to be. I have tried to discuss this early morning lawn mowing with this lawn mower enthusiast, but he has been a little difficult to have a conversation with.  People who know him will understand what I mean by that.

So, on Father's Day, when I was once again awakened by this mowing racket, I decided that I should ……………………….

New Harmony Ordinary People Picnic


Ron-firs-ICON-WE$B-SITE-Cousins-PicNic-IMG_3294New Harmony Ordinary People Picnic—–Saturday and Sunday June 27th and 28th

I am hosting a picnic at Murphy Park in New Harmony, Indiana on June 27th and 28th 2015 from Noon to 5:00 PM both days. I call it the New Harmony Ordinary People Picnic. I hope it becomes an annual event. It is a bring your own EVERYTHING (BYOE) type of picnic. So please bring your own food, beverages, grill, musical instruments and games. We have rented the shelter house at Murphy Park for those two days. The area is shaded by big trees, is clean, has ceiling fans and inside seating inside for about 100 people. Clean modern restrooms are within 50 feet of the shelter house, and there a HUGE wooden Playtopia for the kiddies.

A lot of people ask me, why on the green earth have I organized such a picnic for ordinary people?

My response is ……………………

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