Thursday 24th August 2017

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Maybe you have issues with the Democratic Party. I certainly do. But, right now, unless you want folks like Jim Tomes and Donald Trump to rule the world, it is time to support Democrats. We are headed toward a Fascist dictatorship in America, if Trump is not stopped. Human rights and Constitutional protections are taking a beating. It is no longer a distant threat. It is happening, right now,  as I type. And, it is far beyond being a joke. The Republicans under Trump are attacking democracy, civility, science, history, free speech, peace, voting rights, civil rights and everything else that makes America the wonderful nation it is. 

It is time to push back, or we lose it all. 

A big part of the problem is that good decent patriotic Americans (LIKE YOU) are often too polite or too timid to speak up and get involved. I exhort every good liberty loving American to find their courage, before it is too late. It is NOT necessary to arm yourself with a pitch fork and storm the bastille.  Just get involved. Show those around you, that you care.

The easiest, fastest and most effective way to stop Trump and the fascists is to support the Democratic Party. They are not perfect, but it is either them or the fascists. I choose the Democrats, without reserve, I hope you do too.

If you want to get on the Email list for the Posey County Democratic Party, send your name and Email address to <>,  and I will get the Posey County Democratic Chairperson to add your name to the monthly Donkey Bits Posey County Democratic Party email list. Or contact the County Chair Ed Adams directly at Email Address:  Phone Number: (812) 838-0035 or cell Cell Number: (812) 457-1183. Ed is a good man, a patriotic American and a good strong Democrat. He would love to hear from you.

Let's get together and try to save the country from Trump, starting at the bottom up, right here in good old Posey County. More later.


Smedley Darlington Butler

"There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights. War for any other reason is simply a racket." ….

That is a quote from Marine Corps Maj Gen Smedley Darlington Butler. Gen Butler was a TWO time recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, and also before officers were eligible for the CMH, he received the Marine Corps Brevet Medal, which was the commissioned officer's equal of the CMH at the time. All of these awards were for separate acts of heroism, above and beyond the call of duty. At his death General Butler was the most highly decorated American combat soldier in US history. In 1935 General Butler gave a famous speech at the National Convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. For reasons you might guess, our government and our public schools are silent on Gen Butler's part in our histopry.

Here is a verbatim re-enactment of General Butler's SPEECH TO THE NATIONAL VFW.

Posted from New Harmony Indiana by an old soldier named Ron Nesler

Lies about US civil war

Trump is peddling a lot of goofy lies. One of the biggest, boldest and most outrageous of these Trumpian lies is that the US Civil War was not about slavery. An astounding lie! Some people, who tell this lie are trying to intentionally muddy the water. But, most people who say this are simply poorly educated, and parroting what Rush Limbaugh and various GOP politicians tell them. Here is a link to the Mississippi state proclamation of secession made in 1861. MISSISSIPPI PROCLAMATION OF SECESSION  This document makes crystal clear, that the US Civil war was about slavery and nothing else. Not states rights, not honor, not defense of Southern culture, not tariffs, not anything except slavery. 

Posted from New Harmony, Indiana by Ron Nesler

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Jon Webb Evansville Courier Press

Here is a link to this Sunday's ARTICLE BY JON WEBB from the Evansville Courier Press. Webb gets it right on lots of issues. And, he is funny as Hell! He has a column on Sundays and Wednesdays. If you are a liberal or other sentient air breathing life form, you will enjoy and profit from reading Webb's columns. To fully enjoy the Evansville Courier Press online, you must be a subscriber. But, if you subscribe to the Sunday Only print edition, which is pretty cheap, you then have full online access. I take the Sunday only print paper, use it to wrap things in, and then use my full online access to read the paper to keep up on Webb and local news. I really like the idea, that my cheapo Sunday only print subscription, empowers me to use the comment function on Webb's articles. There is a small but growing group of liberals, who follow Webb and communicate through comments on his two columns per week.  .I recommend trying it. If you run a business, where people sometimes congregate, you could use the Sunday Print edition to entertain and inform your customers. Or it makes great wrapping paper. Any sane person will be inspired by Webb.

RON'S TIP OF THE DAY: To fully enjoy the upcoming full solar eclipse, you might want to consider reserving a seat at a local 911 Emergency Call In Center for that day. Then, you could listen as the Trumpies and Tea Party people call in in a terrified panic to report that Barack Obama has stolen the sun. 

If you read this, you might want to check back later in the day, as I plan to add some interesting news and opinion links, after I have had more coffee


Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana