Sunday 19th February 2017

Destroying Indiana Public Schools


Tony Bennett was Indiana’s Republican  Superintendent of Education under Governor Mitch Daniels. Mr Bennett’s major achievement in that job was to create an A-F grading systems for Indiana’s elementary and high schools. His grading system was used to decide which Indiana schools got more or less tax money to support their operation. After he was defeated for re-election in 2012, it was discovered that Mr Bennett had flagrantly cheated in the grading of Indiana’s schools, and pressured certain state employees to go along with his crimes. The result of Mr Bennett fraudulent acts, was that more money went to a rich Republican donor who owns a chain of charter schools, and less tax money went to our suffering public schools. Under a bizarre Indiana law, private and charter schools compete for tax dollars with our public schools.  While reading this, remember that rich kids go to private and charter schools and poor kids go to public schools.

All of the above took place during the same period that the state of Indiana closed the New Harmony Public School, saying that there was no longer enough tax money to keep the school open. New Harmony’s students are now bussed to another school. This was a terrible blow to New Harmony, financially, socially and culturally.      USE THE TAB TO READ MORE


Nobody questions what happened, the facts and evidence are crystal clear.

Mr Bennett diverted money intended for (and badly needed by) our public schools into the pockets of a rich guy who gives a lot of money to the Indiana GOP.

At the same time, many children of the poor, who attend Indiana public schools have been forced to do without music, art and physical education programs in the public schools because of lack of money. Some schools, such as the New Harmony School, were closed because of lack of money. All, while Mr Bennett was cheating the Indiana public schools out of money, so that he could funnel it to the rich guy who gives back a cut of the loot to the Indiana Republican Party.

Now, the Republican controlled Indiana legislature wants to give Mr Bennett a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD.

Here is my question: Where are all of the law and order nuts?

When, it is high government officials robbing the working people, I don’t hear an outcry, such as I hear about some poor dumb cluck working class kid with an ounce of weed. Why is that?

These rich crooks get all the best that our society has to offer, including exemption from taxes and military service, and then, on top of all of their privileges, they steal from the working people who support their royal life styles. Our political class in this country officially makes me ill.

I will tell you who else makes me ill. The citizens of Indiana who sit back quietly, fat dumb and happy, and allow this to happen without raising Hell. Can this possibly be the same Indiana that produced that brave and gallant American Eugene V. Debs?

Indiana, I could just cry for you.

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