Saturday 24th June 2017

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New Harmony Indiana in the Spring

Yellow color 4/17

New  Harmony, Indiana in the Spring is hands down the finest place in the world. And a top contender during the rest of the year. I have been around the world, and I would rather be right here in New Harmony, than any other place, I know. It is quiet and serene here in our town of 800, but we also have events and facilities here, which each year attract thousands of artistically and spiritually inclined people from around the globe.

…………………………………Here in New Harmony, Indiana we have the……………….


Cynical GOP propagandists are lying to Americans about health care. Congressman Larry Bucshon is lying to 8th Dist Hoosiers about health care. They are talking to you about the GOP health care plan in terms of ACCESS. The problem is NOT access. The problem is coverage.

I once suffered the excruciating pain of an abcessed tooth for over two weeks. I was up to my ass in access to dental care, what I lacked was the COVERAGE (ie money) to pay for the care. It took me two weeks to acquire the coverage/money in order to be able to use the access.

Bucshon and these other big money Republicans want elderly people and helpless little children in the same sitiation for all health care, as I was in with my abcessed tooth. All access no coverage. Always plenty of access for those with money, but no coverage for those without money.

The Republican health care plan is NOT about health care, it is about tax cuts for big corporations. Larry Bucshon .is lying to you.  


Everywhere I go, I hear people saying that 8th Dist Congressman Larry Bucshon has sold his palatial home here in southern Indiana and has moved his family to Washington DC, full time. If that's true, and I believe it is, it might mean that Larry, having put in the requisite 4 years for Congressional retirement, is about to retire from the Congress gig, with full pay and insurance coverage for life. But moving to DC? That makes you wonder. If Larry were just going to go fishing or play golf in his retirement years, why would he need to move to Washington, to do it?

I'm guessing that this means ………………… 

making gooks of women

I read a newspaper article this morning. about an Indiana state Senator referring to the women's marchers as just a bunch of fat women out walking. HERE'S THE ARTICLE  This bigoted lout deserves to have this bite him in his fascist politician ass. Some of the people who do this are just stupid, but some of them know what they are doing, when they dehumanize certain groups such as women or gays. In this case he is making gooks of women.

Proverbial panties taken down

Ron Reflects on the Meaning of Labor Day

Just a note to my Tea Party friends in Red State Indiana. Folks, you have had your proverbial panties taken down, by the rabble rousers. They fired you up about draining the swamp of political insiders in our government. But, every single one of President elect Trump's cabinet appointees has been a corporate or government insider, every single one. And, in those states which elected Republical state legislatures,  such as Indiana, we are already seeing the working class under viscious attack.