Thursday 24th August 2017

Good Cop & Good Cop in Carmi, Illinois


Suzanne and I were driving through Carmi yesterday on our way to Little Giant grocery, where we regularly shop. Just west of down town, we saw a young, dark skinned Hispanic family, a couple with two young children around 8-10 years old, with their vehicle parked in a church parking lot. They had a sign saying "STRANDED HERE NEED HELP." After we passed them, Sue and I were both moved to go back and offer some help. When we approached the stranded family from the other direction, there was a Carmi City Police car pulled up beside their vehicle in the parking lot. Our first thought was broke, broke down, helpless, hungry and far from friends, and now also hassled by the gendarmes.

But, they weren't being hassled. When we stopped beside both vehicles and asked the police officer, if he was detaining or hassling the family, he told us not at all. He said he had stopped, heard their story and given them $40 to help them on their way. That is how the police are in my dream world. We said hello to the father of the family, who hardly spoke English, then added $50 to the $40 the police officer had given them. Then, we drove away happy, that the good cop had shown us, that we live in a better world, than we sometimes think, we do. If you go to Carmi, smile and wave at a City Police Officer.



Ron's tip of the day. The Little Giant Grocery store in Carmi deals in over stocked groceries, meats and produce from big box retail grocery stores. They also support local food banks and soup kitchens. They buy blind semi loads of close outs and overstocks, and sell many items for pennies on the dollar. Yesterday, they had organic, free range, chemical free frozen chicken legs for 69 cents per pound. Frequently they have all natural free range beef or pork at ridicuously low prices. Yesterday, they also had big beautiful fresh ripe pineapples at 99 cents each. We go once a week to shop there, and it is a real adventure, because you never know, what this weeks trucks have brought in. Some weeks are better than others, but it is always fun and profitable, and you can thumb your nose at WalMart, which is right across the street. 

Hell of an Article on Bannon/Breitbart etc


Here is a Hell of a good article, I just read. It is about Steve Bannon and the folks at Breitbart and how right wing opinions are shaped. It is from the New York Times     Enjoy!

Posted from New Harmony Indiana by Ron Nesler



Republicans cut taxes for billionaires. Democrats expand or protect social welfare programs like Medicaid. That is the bottom line of party politics in America. It is pretty simple and straight forward. When you vote in ANY election, from Town Board to Presidential, you are supporting one or the other of these positions. This is not rocket science. Your job as a voter is to decide whether you and your family are better off by lowering taxes for billionaires or by protecting programs like Medicaid. I have a 45 year old adult/child daughter with profound birth defects. My daughter, Honey Sue, depends on Medicaid for survival. That makes the Democrat or Republican choice crystal clear for me. If you are conflicted about this, maybe this article about Republican tax cutters will help you decide which side are you on?   MEDICAID CUTS WILL BENEFIT BILLIONAIRE GOP DONORS



Ron's Tip for today: Good people do not sit quietly in the presence of evil.

And a late inning just breaking BONUS LINK! CHARITIES DISAVOW TRUMP TOO

WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON? Posted from New Harmony, Indiana by Ron Nesler

Ugly Times, but keep the faith


With Trump at the tiller, we live in ugly times, but keep the faith in democracy and liberalism. Even here in deep Red State Posey County, with our reputation for back woodsy social "conservatism," there are some decent progressive people. People who do not buy in to the idea, that Mike Pence's customized Jesus wants us to support war and oppose health care for sick people.  And, the really good news is, some of these decent people are starting to talk among themselves. And, in some cases, even to speak up publicly. New Harmony gets a bad rap nationally for being part of Red State Indiana and especially for being part of Posey County. All people know about us is Mike Pence, the KKK, and Donald Trump. If you are going to visit New Harmony, check with me, and I will help you avoid the haters.

Truth is change has started. Trump's overt fascism is so repulsive, that normally quiet people here in Posey County are starting to speak out against the hate and divisiveness. I give ME as an example. I acknowledge, that Trump is a serial philanderer who dodged the draft, cheats on taxes, abuses women, and can't tell the truth about the color of the sky.  I reject him, and I will NOT be quiet about it. I invite other good people to speak up about this traitorous bastard. And, I suggest you do so now, before you find storm troopers at your door. The one thing, that will defeat this evil golem is the bright light of public discourse. And free public discourse, exercising the power of free speech, is something America does best. Let's talk. I will buy the coffee.


As a bonus for today, here' a list of GOP pols, who are denouncing Trump. Sadly our Senator Todd Young and Rep Larry Bucshon are silent



Posted by Ron Nesler from New Harmony, Indiana

unhinged mental case in the White House


I hate to sound overly critical, but it appears to me, that we have an unhinged mental case in the White House with his finger on the Nuclear trigger. And, he is talking about starting a nuclear war with North Korea, that would doubtlessly involve China on the side of the North Koreans, before it was over. That seems to me, like it would weaken us just enough for Russia to swoop in and conquer us. Trump is seriously unbalanced, and Congressional Republicans know that as well as you and I do. But, they are willing to risk the fall of our whole nation, and a global nuclear conflagration, rather than speak up.

When Nixon went off the tracks mentally, his fellow Republicans admitted it and stepped in to save the nation. But, this current crop of Republicans seem to lack the wherewithal to act. Short of a military coup to depose Trump, bold action by the other Republicans is all I see, that can save us. Yoo Hoo GOP, get your act together and DO SOMETHING, before we end up living in a military dictatorship.

Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana and I am scared as Hell of this Trump disaster.

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