Saturday 24th June 2017



   I have added almost 20 new pages to this website. There is a PAGE MENU on the right hand side of the website now. You can pick from a variety of areas of interest and when you click that topic on the menu, you will be directed to one of my new pages, that will have links of interest concerning the topic you chose. I do this to encourage discussion and THINKING!

You can click on a page from the menu and check out what is new in your area of interest, or ………………………………….

A Few News Links


Web site problems this last week have kept me tied up. I am no techie and such problems baffle me and escape my understanding. Luckily I had the same two tools on hand, which I use to repair my car and fix plumbing leaks, my trusty check book and credit card. Those are the only tools, I know how to use, and they have never failed me in any emergency.

I am back up and running web site wise now, the only loss being that my last two posts are irretrviably gone, disappeared out into the internet ether. So I will make this post to catch up, with no witty commentary on anything, just a few news links below, which I think you might enjoy. So, for a few news links, just click the READ MORE tab right below



WOW! Two posts in one day. I am riled by this article TRUMP PRIVATE PRISONS 

Of all of the offensive, morally reprehensible and unAmerican obscenities embraced by the Tea Party GOP in the name of corporate profiteering, private prisons piss me off the most. Prison MAY be necessary to good order, but in America we already abuse the whole idea of imprisonment. 

Prisons are a …………………………..



I'm still here! Just slow to post. I'm a political junky, and I have been entranced by the recent US political history being made every day. I have been glued to the online news waiting to see, if Trump decides to nuke Canada or Brazil. Or, if his head explodes from wild anger at the courts, Congress, the media, the Vatican, the CIA, the FBI, he UN, the Girl Scouts and Brownies and the World Children's Fund. The Trump-A-Doodle has really gone all out in making more "enemies" than Richard Nixon.

And, regardless of what you think of Trump, you have to admit ………………………………

Planting tulips


Ron Reflects on the Meaning of Labor Day

I was just thinking about planting tulips. I think about it every year, about this time, when we get close to spring. The problem is, you must plant tulip bulbs in the fall, and I never think about it, then when it's the right time to act on the thought.