Saturday 24th June 2017

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Using Drug Laws as a Political Weapon

During the Obama years, federal prosecutors used common sense in the charges and sentencing leveled against low level, non violent offenders of our Draconian drug laws. Our new Attorney General,Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, has just reversed that by instructing federal prosecutor to go for the most harsh charges possible. This means that mandatory sentencing guidelines will kick in, and low level non violent marijuana offenders once again will face long and life destroying prison sentences. In short, Session wants to once again use drug laws as a political weapon.

Who does this harm? …………………………………………….

Support Bernie or endure Trump for life


Trump has already released almost $2 million in RE-ELECTION ads for the 2020 presidential elections and he his fund raising machine is a juggernaut. He has destroyed all environmental protections, is making health care more not less expensive, is insuring that the corporations can spend unlimited money to keep him in office, and today he was bemoaning the South's loss of the US Civil War. Trump is destroying everything good and decent about America.

The ONLY thing that can possibly stop a Trump for life presidency is …………………….

Chocolate Sardines

Rain for several days, can't work in my yard or garden. Trump is in the White House destroying all environmental protections, picking fights with Canada and making Fuehrer type speeches in social backwaters to people who mostly can't read. It is easy to be bummed out, and I certainly was, until I stumbled across something to really raise my spirits. 

One of my favorite hobbies is surfing around the internet looking for new types of tinned sardines to order and try. This morning on Amazon, I found………………………..

birds and the bees

Right wing extremists like Rand Paul and Rush Limbaugh and the big corporations and the Christian evangelicals completely ignore the examples set by the birds and the bees. They get all bent out of shape when they hear it said health care is a human right. They go into panic attacks, and they whine about the socialist tyranny of providing "free" medical care to the poor. They froth at the mouth and gasp for air, at the horrible injustice of poor people getting medical care without paying for it out of their minimum wage salaries. While the wealthy must pony up big money for insurance premiums. They accuse the poor of squandering their health insurance money on iphones and potato chips. They often go into teary eyed insincere sermons, about the spiritual harm done to workers, if things are made too easy for them. They also say………………


I'm 70 my next birthday, and I don't seem to have learned anything. The whole damn world's still a mystery to me. And even more so on days like today, when I feel like I'm drowning in greed, stupidity and cruelty all around me. Maybe I'm just blue, because my wife has been gone on a trip, and I have been alone. Or maybe it's because of reading articles about a particularly horrible crime against a helpless handicapped person, which has been in the local news for months. Or maybe I am chemically unbalanced. At any rate, I am having the dark uglies today, and the world makes no sense at all. I have gone outside in the sunshine and got a moderate bit of exercise, but I still can't snap out of it.

Here are some things I don't understand, and that really bum me out.