Thursday 24th August 2017



The most common question people ask about quotation marks is whether periods and commas go inside or outside, and the answer depends on where your audience lives because in American English we always put periods and commas inside quotation marks, but in British English periods and commas can go inside or outside

The anti abortion nuts have done more harm to American democracy than the Viet Cong, ISIS and Donald Trump combined.

Trump says the Obama White House wire tapped Trump's campaign headquarters during the campaign. If that's true, Obama would have had to submit proof of criminal wrong doing to a federal judge to get the wire tap order, and I want to know, what criminal evidence Obama gave the federal judge.

The inbred fascist mutants at the CPAC conference were duped into waving little Russia flags with Trump's name printed on one side as a manner of applause. Some liberal trickster passed the flags out, and the Trumpites waved them wildly at Trump's appearance, not realizing they were Russian flags.

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