Thursday 24th August 2017



Mike Pence is a bigoted, religious fascist asshole, much worse than Trump on policy. But at least Pence is sane and rational.  … Ron Nesler

Ask a Republican, how health care tax credits or health care "savings ccounts" can POSSIBLY help Americans working for $10-$15 per hour? …Ron Nesler

School prayer is just another silly GOP wedge social issue, same as pro guns, anti abortion and opposition to gay marriage. These have nothing to do with politics or governing the nation. They are all a ruse used by GOP to trick non millionaires into voting for Republicans. ….. Ron Nesler 

Poker is arithmetic, common sense, psychology and luck. And a great leveler of persons  …..Ron Nesler 

I am tickled pink with your religion, as long as you are willing to keep it to yourself. …..Ron Nesler 

Liberals think in terms of social justice, right wingers in terms of safety and prosperity. It's tough to translate sometimes. …..Ron Nesler

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