Tuesday 31st May 2016

Snowed in in New Harmony, Indiana


Today we received a computor generated call from the Posey County, Indiana County Commissioner's office, telling us that a state of emergency has been declared here in Posey County because………………

…………….because of the ice storm and the still falling and still accumulating snow. I took the call and listened to it, and then conveyed the information to my wife Suzanne. Without a word of response Suzanne dashed into the mud room at the back of our house and grabbed several turnips out of a bin in which we store root vegetables there by the back door. Then she returned to the kitchen, and she called out from there to me in my adjacent office, "if we are snowed in, I better add some turnips to this roast I have in the oven."

Being snowed in in New Harmony, Indiana is not so bad if you are well provisioned, and if you are snowed in with the right lady, as am I.

Ron and Suzanne Nesler live quietly and peacefully in little old New Harmony, Indiana. If, you are thinking of visiting historic New Harmony, Indiana, you can call either of us for advice and information about visiting the town. We do NOT own a business here and have no axes to grind, other than helping folks to enjoy their visits. Our phone number is 812 682 3740

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