Thursday 24th August 2017

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Hot Times in New Harmony, Indiana

We have had a very hot summer so far, but it looks like the heat spell has broken. I hope so, because it has adversely affected my gardening. In my experience, just a degree or two of average higher temps in the summer can hurt crops like pole beans, lettuce, turnips, chard, kale and other leafy greens. All of that did poorly for me this year. And, my asparagus bed was also a very poor producer this year. Blackberries were a little below average and my raspberries were a fail this year. On the other hand, tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet corn all thrived in the heat. Garden heirloom tomatoes and crisp fresh cucumbers are two of the best things about gardening. No cucumber from the grocery store ever comes close to being as good as a nice crisp young cuke grown on a trellis in your own garden. And, grocery store tomatoes are a cruel joke for true tomato lovers.  I have several fig bushes, and the figs are not ripe quite yet, but I have a HUGE crop of figs on the bushes. And, we are expecting them to explode into ripeness any day. Fig bushes (some people call them trees, but mine are bushes) grow very well here in New Harmony, and I am surprised more folks don't have them. Fig bushes are really simple to propagate from cuttings or by "layering' of branches. If you live in the area and want a rooted start of a fig plant, let me know, and I will get you one. Once you have your own plant, you can propagate as many more as you like.


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Posted from New Harmony Indiana by Ron Nesler . 

Ron Nesler and His Garden — Near New Harmony, Indiana

This is a woderful year for gardening. Moderate temperatures, rain showers as regular as clock work and sunny warm days inbetween rains. This is as good as it gets for a vegetable gardener. I ask nopthing better, just some more healthy years to enjoy it.  For a larger picture of my garden, click the READ MORE tab.

A Gardener’s Rain in New Harmony, Indiana

I just love it when it rains here in New Harmony, Indiana in the summer timer. Today it is raining all day. A good "soaking rain" as we called it when I was growing up in Griffin, Indiana, about four miles North of where I sit typing here in New Harmony.

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Brief History of New Harmony, Indiana

Brief History of New Harmony, Indiana


Here is a brief HISTORY of NEW HARMONY from our good friend WIKIPEDIA


posted by Ron Nesler from New Harmony, Indiana

Wonderful Old Sycamore

Wonderful Old Sycamore

This has long been my favorite tree in New Harmony. I can remember admiring its size and beauty over fifty years ago as a boy, when it was already a majestic old tree. Up until the