Thursday 24th August 2017

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Hot Times in New Harmony, Indiana

We have had a very hot summer so far, but it looks like the heat spell has broken. I hope so, because it has adversely affected my gardening. In my experience, just a degree or two of average higher temps in the summer can hurt crops like pole beans, lettuce, turnips, chard, kale and other leafy greens. All of that did poorly for me this year. And, my asparagus bed was also a very poor producer this year. Blackberries were a little below average and my raspberries were a fail this year. On the other hand, tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet corn all thrived in the heat. Garden heirloom tomatoes and crisp fresh cucumbers are two of the best things about gardening. No cucumber from the grocery store ever comes close to being as good as a nice crisp young cuke grown on a trellis in your own garden. And, grocery store tomatoes are a cruel joke for true tomato lovers.  I have several fig bushes, and the figs are not ripe quite yet, but I have a HUGE crop of figs on the bushes. And, we are expecting them to explode into ripeness any day. Fig bushes (some people call them trees, but mine are bushes) grow very well here in New Harmony, and I am surprised more folks don't have them. Fig bushes are really simple to propagate from cuttings or by "layering' of branches. If you live in the area and want a rooted start of a fig plant, let me know, and I will get you one. Once you have your own plant, you can propagate as many more as you like.


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Posted from New Harmony Indiana by Ron Nesler . 

In New Harmony, Indiana we pay our taxes

Here in New Harmony, Indiana, we fulfil our military service obligations and pay our taxes. But, the Washington Post is reporting, that on at least one real estate deal, President Trump, our draft dodger in chief,  probably conspired to evade income taxes. Why am I not shocked? In the opinion of this old Vietnam war vet, a serial adulterer like Trump, who would dodge the draft during wartime, probably would not think twice about cheating on his income taxes. Here is the WASHINGTON POST ARTICLE , see what YOU think.

Posted from New Harmony, Indiana by Ron Nesler
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I hope the other GOP Senators pay attention to John McCain putting the welfare of the nation above petty partisan bickering and trying to "win" just for the sake of winning, regardless the consequences to the nation.  Republicans NEED a dose of that. I can remember a time, when the Republican party had honor, sanity and dignity. We need that again.


Indiana has the typical Red State aversion to public health services. Eventually this will bite us in the ass. Taxpayers don't save a dime in the long run by denying poor people health care.


I don't think Trump has any idealogy, but he is willing to destroy everything good and decent about America to rouse the rabble and create chaos to hide his crimes. He has stirred up some real ugliness, and ONLY the rebuke of his fellow Republicans can save us from it. Where in the Hell are the principled Republicans of old?



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New Harmony Indiana in the Spring

Yellow color 4/17

New  Harmony, Indiana in the Spring is hands down the finest place in the world. And a top contender during the rest of the year. I have been around the world, and I would rather be right here in New Harmony, than any other place, I know. It is quiet and serene here in our town of 800, but we also have events and facilities here, which each year attract thousands of artistically and spiritually inclined people from around the globe.

…………………………………Here in New Harmony, Indiana we have the……………….

Mass Incarceration

The View From New Harmony

The View From New Harmony

What an election year for political junkies like me! The whole political world from left to right is in good healthy upheaval. The establishment is under attack from both the left and the right. Don't you just love it? It gives me hope that honest tangible changes may actually happen. And that maybe some of our career political parasites may end up out on their money grubbing asses.

For the first time in my memory, all issues are out on the table for discussion this year from campaign reform to mass incarceration to whether or not we should continue to wage endless wars around the globe. Everything is up for debate, and you can thank Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump for forcing the discussions. I am a Bernie Sanders supporter, but I am also grateful for Donald Trump, because just like Sanders, he is forcing people out in the open with their ideas. I find a lot of the ideas of the Trump supporters pretty repulsive, but since they exist in the minds of my fellow Americans, it is better to put them out into the sunlight of public discussion than it is to pretend they don't exist. Good morning America, let us open up and talk!

Out of all of the conversations that Sanders and Trump have opened up, I am thinking about criminal justice reform this morning. Here is my opinion on criminal justice reform. What we are doing now — mass incarceration of non violent offenders– is a dismal failure from both social and economic points of view. Long term rehabilitation of non violent criminals is a far less costly for the taxpayers than is long term incarceration. The problem is that incarceration has become a juicy profitable plum for corporations and police forces. The right wing corporatists sell the idea of long term incarceration to the voters by peddling it as "revenge," and all human beings love us some revenge down deep in our skevie little hearts. But this revenge is a social and economic cancer on our society. It changes the non violent offenders in processes into violent offenders on down the road. Anyone who is not completely stupid or blind can see that mass incarceration feeds joblessness and hopelessness, eats up huge amounts of tax dollars and, and does not by any measure "work." Mass incarceration doesn't protect people, it creates more dangers of violent crime for us. Mass incarceration doesn't save money, it is bankrupting us.  If we did away with mass incarceration, we would lose that wonderful feeling of revenge we get with it. But without mass incarceration, we would cut costs and improve results.


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