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New Harmony Indiana in the Spring

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New  Harmony, Indiana in the Spring is hands down the finest place in the world. And a top contender during the rest of the year. I have been around the world, and I would rather be right here in New Harmony, than any other place, I know. It is quiet and serene here in our town of 800, but we also have events and facilities here, which each year attract thousands of artistically and spiritually inclined people from around the globe.

…………………………………Here in New Harmony, Indiana we have the……………….

Mass Incarceration

The View From New Harmony

The View From New Harmony

What an election year for political junkies like me! The whole political world from left to right is in good healthy upheaval. The establishment is under attack from both the left and the right. Don't you just love it? It gives me hope that honest tangible changes may actually happen. And that maybe some of our career political parasites may end up out on their money grubbing asses.

For the first time in my memory, all issues are out on the table for discussion this year from campaign reform to mass incarceration to whether or not we should continue to wage endless wars around the globe. Everything is up for debate, and you can thank Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump for forcing the discussions. I am a Bernie Sanders supporter, but I am also grateful for Donald Trump, because just like Sanders, he is forcing people out in the open with their ideas. I find a lot of the ideas of the Trump supporters pretty repulsive, but since they exist in the minds of my fellow Americans, it is better to put them out into the sunlight of public discussion than it is to pretend they don't exist. Good morning America, let us open up and talk!

Out of all of the conversations that Sanders and Trump have opened up, I am thinking about criminal justice reform this morning. Here is my opinion on criminal justice reform. What we are doing now — mass incarceration of non violent offenders– is a dismal failure from both social and economic points of view. Long term rehabilitation of non violent criminals is a far less costly for the taxpayers than is long term incarceration. The problem is that incarceration has become a juicy profitable plum for corporations and police forces. The right wing corporatists sell the idea of long term incarceration to the voters by peddling it as "revenge," and all human beings love us some revenge down deep in our skevie little hearts. But this revenge is a social and economic cancer on our society. It changes the non violent offenders in processes into violent offenders on down the road. Anyone who is not completely stupid or blind can see that mass incarceration feeds joblessness and hopelessness, eats up huge amounts of tax dollars and, and does not by any measure "work." Mass incarceration doesn't protect people, it creates more dangers of violent crime for us. Mass incarceration doesn't save money, it is bankrupting us.  If we did away with mass incarceration, we would lose that wonderful feeling of revenge we get with it. But without mass incarceration, we would cut costs and improve results.


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Mosquitoes and gay marriage

The View From New Harmony

The View From New Harmony

Mosquitoes and gay marriage and American exceptionalism

So what in the hell do mosquitoes and gay marriage have to do with American exceptionalism?

Diseases borne by mosquitoes cause untold suffering among human beings. Our only response so far is to spray for the mosquitoes with chemicals that also kill honey bees and human beings. For less money and energy than we now spend on trying to prevent people from marrying whomever they choose —  which harms no one — I am certain that we could easily combat diseases borne by mosquitoes which cause immense human suffering?

Isn't that a radical idea? Sometimes I amaze even myself.

While I am on a roll, allow me to make another suggestion. Very few hearts and minds are won over to America's side by bombing civilian villages, torturing prisoners of war or targeting the families of those prisoners of war for retribution.  I served fifteen months in the Vietnam war, where we tried all of these actions against the Vietnamese. They didn't work then against the Vietnamese, and they won't work now against Muslim insurgencies.  The way to battle insurgencies is to remove — not add to —  the reasons that people have for joining those insurgencies. We need to defend ourselves and a select few friendly nations, but being a global police offiocer is a no win job. 

America can be a bright shining light for mankind, but we can't do it with bombs and torture and bigotry. Whatever happened to the Peace Corp? Or the space program? Or fighting diseases that cause human suffering? Therein lie the formula for American exceptionalism.


Ron Nesler posting about mosquitoes and gay marriage and American excveptionalism from gopod ol' New Harmony Indiana

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Shelton Hickerson


Ron-firs-ICON-WE$B-SITE-Cousins-PicNic-IMG_3294I would rather drink Drano or eat boiled grub worms, than to be a politician like Joe Donnelly or Larry Bucshon. Why? Because those money grubbing weasels gobble up all of the very best that America has to offer for themselves, and then have less gratitude (or testicles) than a diseased gnat.

I remember a time in America when members of Congress would stand beside their constituents,  especially constituents who had fought in a war. A good example is Frank McCloskey long time Congressman from the 8th District of Indiana. Congressman Frank McCloskey was never too busy or too self important to help a constituent or take a phone call from a war veteran. MCcloskeyb agreed with the famous Speaker of the House of Representatives Sam Rayburn, who famously said that the "most important purpose of a congressman is to bring the benefits of big government to small people."

But not these money grubbers we have in office now. These slugs are too busy counting their loot and plotting their next corporate "donation" to even take a phone call from a Hoosier war hero such as  SHELTON HICKERSON



I was just reading the fine print on a can of smoked oysters. I love smoked oysters, especially with cream cheese on crackers. A Hell of a fine snack, and nothing could be more of an all American munchie than smoked oysters.

But according to the label on my present can of smoked oysters, these little boogers were ………………….