Thursday 24th August 2017

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Jon Webb Evansville Courier Press

Here is a link to this Sunday's ARTICLE BY JON WEBB from the Evansville Courier Press. Webb gets it right on lots of issues. And, he is funny as Hell! He has a column on Sundays and Wednesdays. If you are a liberal or other sentient air breathing life form, you will enjoy and profit from reading Webb's columns. To fully enjoy the Evansville Courier Press online, you must be a subscriber. But, if you subscribe to the Sunday Only print edition, which is pretty cheap, you then have full online access. I take the Sunday only print paper, use it to wrap things in, and then use my full online access to read the paper to keep up on Webb and local news. I really like the idea, that my cheapo Sunday only print subscription, empowers me to use the comment function on Webb's articles. There is a small but growing group of liberals, who follow Webb and communicate through comments on his two columns per week.  .I recommend trying it. If you run a business, where people sometimes congregate, you could use the Sunday Print edition to entertain and inform your customers. Or it makes great wrapping paper. Any sane person will be inspired by Webb.

RON'S TIP OF THE DAY: To fully enjoy the upcoming full solar eclipse, you might want to consider reserving a seat at a local 911 Emergency Call In Center for that day. Then, you could listen as the Trumpies and Tea Party people call in in a terrified panic to report that Barack Obama has stolen the sun. 

If you read this, you might want to check back later in the day, as I plan to add some interesting news and opinion links, after I have had more coffee


Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana


Hot Times in New Harmony, Indiana

We have had a very hot summer so far, but it looks like the heat spell has broken. I hope so, because it has adversely affected my gardening. In my experience, just a degree or two of average higher temps in the summer can hurt crops like pole beans, lettuce, turnips, chard, kale and other leafy greens. All of that did poorly for me this year. And, my asparagus bed was also a very poor producer this year. Blackberries were a little below average and my raspberries were a fail this year. On the other hand, tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet corn all thrived in the heat. Garden heirloom tomatoes and crisp fresh cucumbers are two of the best things about gardening. No cucumber from the grocery store ever comes close to being as good as a nice crisp young cuke grown on a trellis in your own garden. And, grocery store tomatoes are a cruel joke for true tomato lovers.  I have several fig bushes, and the figs are not ripe quite yet, but I have a HUGE crop of figs on the bushes. And, we are expecting them to explode into ripeness any day. Fig bushes (some people call them trees, but mine are bushes) grow very well here in New Harmony, and I am surprised more folks don't have them. Fig bushes are really simple to propagate from cuttings or by "layering' of branches. If you live in the area and want a rooted start of a fig plant, let me know, and I will get you one. Once you have your own plant, you can propagate as many more as you like.


Here is a link posted under the heading of "BE CAREFUL OR YOU'LL LEARN SOMETHING."


Posted from New Harmony Indiana by Ron Nesler . 

In New Harmony, Indiana we pay our taxes

Here in New Harmony, Indiana, we fulfil our military service obligations and pay our taxes. But, the Washington Post is reporting, that on at least one real estate deal, President Trump, our draft dodger in chief,  probably conspired to evade income taxes. Why am I not shocked? In the opinion of this old Vietnam war vet, a serial adulterer like Trump, who would dodge the draft during wartime, probably would not think twice about cheating on his income taxes. Here is the WASHINGTON POST ARTICLE , see what YOU think.

Posted from New Harmony, Indiana by Ron Nesler
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Taking my Jesus back

Most of my life, I self identified as a Christian. I only stopped, because I was revolted at the thought of associating myself with these loonie toon evangelicals. With all of their Holy Rolling and speaking in unknown tongues and snake handling and racial and cultural hatred.

I went to Sunday School as a kid and carried a Bible along through 8 years of military service, and actually read that sucker.  I have probably read the Bible more than most of these evangelical hate mongers. I have NEVER found anything hateful attributed to Jesus in the Bible. The Jesus I read about, hung out with poor people and thieves and prostitutes, and lived simply and drank wine and never got rich or hated anybody or owned any gold crosses or Mega Churches.

The Jesus in the Bible seemed to think the central idea of his spiritual pathway was …….

Using Drug Laws as a Political Weapon

During the Obama years, federal prosecutors used common sense in the charges and sentencing leveled against low level, non violent offenders of our Draconian drug laws. Our new Attorney General,Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, has just reversed that by instructing federal prosecutor to go for the most harsh charges possible. This means that mandatory sentencing guidelines will kick in, and low level non violent marijuana offenders once again will face long and life destroying prison sentences. In short, Session wants to once again use drug laws as a political weapon.

Who does this harm? …………………………………………….