Thursday 21st May 2015

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Raccoons and Old Books


I am a huge reader, and all of my life I have faced the problem of what to do with old books. Old books are …………

Snowed in in New Harmony, Indiana


Today we received a computor generated call from the Posey County, Indiana County Commissioner's office, telling us that a state of emergency has been declared here in Posey County because………………

Such weather! (Pecans and Persimmons)


Who has ever seen weather so lovely as Sunday, 13 October 2013? It just simply put me in a good mood, in spite of all I know. Our family took a Sunday drive and enjoyed a couple of Sunday walks. We drove from New New Harmony to the Griffin and had breakfast at the good ol' Griffin Depot Diner. Then we made a brief tour of the Griffin Bottoms in Gibson County to observe the secretive fracking activity going on there………….

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