Saturday 24th June 2017

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New Harmony Indiana in the Spring

Yellow color 4/17

New  Harmony, Indiana in the Spring is hands down the finest place in the world. And a top contender during the rest of the year. I have been around the world, and I would rather be right here in New Harmony, than any other place, I know. It is quiet and serene here in our town of 800, but we also have events and facilities here, which each year attract thousands of artistically and spiritually inclined people from around the globe.

…………………………………Here in New Harmony, Indiana we have the……………….

Planting tulips

Ron Reflects on the Meaning of Labor Day

I was just thinking about planting tulips. I think about it every year, about this time, when we get close to spring. The problem is, you must plant tulip bulbs in the fall, and I never think about it, then when it's the right time to act on the thought.

Someone is full of crap

No Money for New Harmony Bridge But Plenty For Trump Wall

Someone is full of crap

I live 300 yards from one end of a CONDEMNED interstate bridge across the Wabash River, dividing Indiana and Illinois. This bridge has been condemned lacking MINOR structural repairs for several years. Because of this, people in New Harmony Indiana must drive 30 miles to get to the next nearest neighboring community, which is Crossville Illinois.


odd-jobs-12762718_f248Sue and I are looking for someone to do yard work, odd jobs and errands for a few hours per week every week all year around. A minimum of 4 hours per week in the winter, more hours in the summer. A student would be great. We offer $8.50 per hour to start. Or up to $10 per hour for a self starter with experience and good references.

Horrible Insult To WW II Veterans

Horrible Insult To WW II Veterans


wwii-vet-20151103__alj-veterans-1106-011I received a document from a reader, they say it was copied from a Face Book post, which has since been deleted by the poster. Here is what it said:

"The boomer generation was raised by a group of men who saved the world. That group of 18-24 year old men also likely raped or molested thousands of European & Asian women along the way."