Tuesday 24th May 2016

Upside Down Thinking at New Harmony, Indiana


Our Congressman Larry Bucshon was RECENTLY INTERVIEWED on WFIE TV Chanel 14. One of the issues he was asked about was the obvious need to raise the minimum wage.  On March 13th 2013 Congressman Bucshon VOTED AGAINST  an amendment ………………..

to raise the minimum wage. But, instead of  'fessing up to Chanel 14 viewers, Congressman Bucshon tap danced around by telling the interviewer that it was a "COMPLICATED" matter.

Complicated indeed! .Allow me to SIMPLIFY it for Congressman Bucshon:

1. With a HIGHER minimum wage, working people can better provide for their families and can more easily pay their ever RISING bills, maybe even save a little for retirement. 

2. With a LOWER minimum wage, Big Shot Bosses can afford another vacation home and another big fancy car and extra caviar and wine. The Big Shot Bosses are the folks who give Larry Bucshon MILLIONS of $$$ in "campaign donations."

How COMPLICATED is that, Congressman Bucshon? Sounds pretty simple to my countrified ears.



Posted by Ron Nesler from good old New Harmony, Indiana. If you are thinking of visiting New Harmony, and you need free advice on how best and most inexpensivly to enjoy your visit, you can call Ron Nesler at 812 682 3740

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