Saturday 20th October 2018

cold butt problem


Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

I probably should be stuffed, mounted on a board and displayed in a museum. I am one of the last few Americans, who grew up using an outhouse. Until I was 13 years old, my family lived in a house with no indoor plumbing. The outhouse was in the back yard, as far from the house as possible. Which meant, it was about 50 feet from the 15 foot deep sand-point well from which my family got our drinking and cooking water. In areas with a high water table, the main problem with outhouses, (besides getting your butt cold) was that they contaminated the ground water for the poor. That was 60 years ago, so you would think we would be doing better by now. But we’re not.

Poor rural areas in Posey County have very few outhouses today. Most residents have septic tanks and indoor bathrooms. That solves the cold butt problem, but we still have the same contaminated drinking water in many of these rural areas. Much of Rural Posey County still depends on shallow sand-point water wells for drinking and cooking water. And, the septic tanks leach the raw sewage into the ground, just as close to the water wells as ever the outhouses did.

Most counties in the United States, especially the Blue states, now have modern water and sewage systems even in rural areas. But, that is just not happening in Red State Indiana. Here in Indiana, if you live in a rural area, like much of Posey County, chances are you may be drinking your own sewage.

Just before the 2016 elections, a Posey County Republican candidate for county office asked me for my vote.  This young Republican candidate swore to me, that he was a strong supporter of modern water and sewage systems for county residents. But, after that election, I have never heard from him again. He is now an office holder and in a position to get the ball rolling on modern sanitation in Posey County. He had my phone number, before the election, I will assume he misplaced it, it is 682 3740.

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

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