Wednesday 19th September 2018

A Head Explodes in Posey County


Jim Tomes Head Explodes

I suffer from chronic pain, high blood pressure and glaucoma, so today, I asked my wife check out a health food store or two while she was in Evansville, to try to purchase CBD oil.  She found, they do not sell CBD oil for the stated reason that, that Indiana cannabis laws are archaic, confusing and inconsistently enforced, and it’s not worth the trouble for them, even if it is legal. And legality was a point, on which they were unclear.

They did offer hemp oil, which is a totally  different product than CBD oil, and not noted for any therapeutic value at all.

Weeks ago, state Senator Jim Tomes had told me CBD oil was legal and readily available in Indiana health food stores. So, I called Jim to ask for a clarification on why the health food stores are afraid to carry the CBD oil.

I seem to have caught Jim at a ………………………..

………………………………………………………..  bad moment, because he went off on an out of control rant, about me criticizing his work to legalize sawed off shotguns. Maybe, I am guilty of criticizing him for that, but I don’t even remember him doing it. But, if he was involved in legalizing sawed off shotguns, and I knew it, I surely WOULD criticize him for it. No honest person has any legitimate need for a sawed off shotgun. They are called street cannons for a reason, because that is exactly what they are.

At any rate, I don’t remember Jim working to legalize the street cannons, but if he did, I certainly would have criticized him for it, and hope I did, if knew about it.

Jim was so exercised about my supposed criticism of sawed of shotguns, that he was screaming and shouting, and we never got around to talking about the legality or illegality of CBD oil.  If anyone knows, where CBD oil can be legally obtained in Indiana, please Email me some info at <>  I am anxious to try the CBD oil for topical pain relief and for a hand tremor, I have

And, as a side note to Senator Tomes: Jim you need to get a handle on your temper. Those kinds of outbursts can do do serious harm to your health.  And, it is unseemly for a public official to lose control, like that. Get a grip, amigo. And, if you want to hear how ugly you sounded, drop by when you’re in a peaceable mood, and I will be happy to play back the recording for you. I think you would shock yourself.

Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony Indiana

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