…………………………….. She is a Christian and I am a Deist. 

As a Christian, my wife believes in the divinity of Jesus, and practices his tenets of personal virtue, kindness, truthfulness, charity, forgiveness, peacefulness, tolerance and love of her fellow humans.  

As a deist, other than not believing in the divinity of Jesus, I agree completely with my wife on all points, and try to live the same way she tries to live.     

Most people don’t know what Deists are. Mainly, because Deists do not preach or evangelize to other people. Deists see spiritual beliefs as completely personal and private. Almost always, when someone becomes a Deist, it is through personal soul searching, not from being recruited.  Deists DO firmly believe that the entire Universe and everything in it is the work of a master creator. But, we believe that that creator, like a master watch maker, does not tinker with the day to day operation of his creations. We believe the creator created everything and put in place natural laws to govern the operation of the universe and all in it. 

Also, Deists believe, that humans should be good, because it is the right thing to do, not because of the threat of some imaginary Hell of eternal divine punishment.

Names of some famous Deists, that you might recognize are; Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Albert Einstein, just to name a few. 

I arrived at my Deist beliefs after decades of spiritual quest. A quest that took me down various trails from tent revival Holy Rolling to to Buddhism. Evidence makes me accept the idea of a creator. But, the same evidence prevents me from believing that such a creator micro manages human affairs.

I believe that our creator is so far above human understanding that for me to allow Franklin Graham or Rush Limbaugh or the Pope or anyone else to interpret her/him for me would be pretty stupid. As a Deist, I believe, we must look within. I meditate regularly, even though many of my Posey County neighbors say meditation is communication with the evil one. Oh well.

As a Deist, I believe in reason and science. And, I don’t think any creator worth her/his salt would give us reason and intellect, and not intend us to use them. My reason rejects the idea, that such a creator would set up a beautiful and unfailing set of universal natural laws, and then make glaring exceptions to those natural laws in order to convey some sort of cryptic message to us paltry insignificant humans. There is order in the universe, we should respect it.

Further, I believe that virtue, truth, humanity, humility, charity, compassion and love for our fellows is somehow built into us, like on a computer chip. But, on the other hand, so is selfishness and lust for domination. And, that because of this duality, our lives are a perpetual personal struggle over which has dominance over us, the former or the latter.

I believe, that we ourselves are personally responsible for our own actions. There is no celestial welfare.  The creator that available evidence reveals to me would be just as offended as I am at the idea of eternal torture for any creature. It goes against reason, justice and compassion.

My reason also rejects talking snakes and fiery chariots and such as ancient attempts to explain natural phenomenon not yet at that time explained by logic and science.  I also believe, that today, we still have a vast unlimited, amount we don’t know about the universe. And, that lack of knowledge should prod us to scientific study, and not be used as a prop up for unfounded superstitions.   

You will never have a Deist try to force their ideas down your throat, it is an important part of our belief system, NOT to do that. We Deists ask that you others extend us the same human courtesy.  

Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony Indiana

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