TRI STATE REPORT  says that Posey County Councilman Aaron Wilson of New Harmony posted on social media, that he

…………………………………  does not condemn the violence at our nations capitol, and that he supports further such attacks This was also reported by the Evansville COURIER PRESS  .

 Shocking words from Wilson. I live in Posey County. Aaron Wilson is not just another dumb kid, who got a hold of a key board, after having a few too many toddies. Aaron is an executive officer of our Posey county government. Is Aaron speaking for our entire Posey county government? I don’t hear any of them disputing Aaron. Are all of our county commissioners and councilors in favor of a violent insurrection? Does our county Sheriff support overthrow of our democracy?  For whom exactly is this young County Councilman speaking? We law abiding Posey County citizens deserve some quick and crystal clear answers on this.


Ron Nesler


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