Accepting Christianity


 I’ve always wanted the comfort of accepting Christianity, but …………………….



……………………………………………but, I’ve been thwarted in this desire by the fact that there are so many conflicting versions of Christianity. Each version accuses all the others of being false. And, all of the Christian sects around me seem to work against the teachings of Jesus by scurrying around like beavers to hoard up money. And, to create political dictatorships, to force their own man made dogma down the unwilling throats of those who don’t completely agree with them. I have never been able to swallow those bitter snake oil pills. 

I have finally found a version of Christianity to which I can subscribe without feeling icky.

It is the Christianity described by Victor Hugo in his novel LES MISERABLES. That Christianity is shown in the devotion to God and God’s children, of a wretched French convict and galley slave  named Jean Valjean. And, by a Catholic Bishop named Bishop Myriel, who is also known as Monseigneur Bienvenu. 

If you want to see pure Christianity with some meat on its bones and sincerity in its heart and that will comfort your soul while pricking your conscience, get a copy of LES MISERABLES and read about galley slave Jean Valjean and Bishop Myriel.

I just finished this book, and it has caused me, at age 72, to finally be able to COMFORTABLY get past all the phony hoopla and embrace the teachings of Jesus. 

Read on McDuff! 




Ron Nesler posting the news from New Harmony Indiana

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