After the War?


I notice little things. Some detractors might say, that’s because I have a small mind. Maybe so, but here’s one small thing, that I notice.

When people talk about World war II vets, they often refer to what those vets did after the war. But when people talk about Vietnam vets, they never say after the war. I talking about Vietnam vets, people always refer to after the vet got out of the service rather than after the war.

I have thought about ………………. 

that a lot over the years, and I have decided, it is because, World War II had a conclusion, but the Vietnam war never really ended, so there was no after the war.

For those of us who served, and for those who waxed fat and wealthy on our sacrifice, (like Trump) the Vietnam war is still going strong.

Trump and his kind still have the money. But, we Vietnam war vets will always have the memories and a few lessons that we learned.


Ron Nesler mulling and fretting in New Harmony, Indiana

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