Americans don’t hate police. Americans love real police. But politicians and police unions, for reasons having nothing to do with keeping order, have altered both perception and reality of American policing.

What many many Americans fear and despise is ……..




………………………………………is the paramilitary units, that politicians and police unions have changed our police into.

Americans would shower police with trust and respect, if police would give up dominating and intimidating. And, stop trying to be judge and jury as well as police.

Let the police get out of their anonymous cars with their secretive tinted windows and bullhorns. Let them throw away the intimidating reflective sunglasses and patrol on foot and bicycle. Let police knock on doors to chat, rather than always to threaten. Let them be color blind as to race.  And, let the police be totally indifferent as to social or economic class. 

Let police get rid of military weapons, battering rams, tanks, vicious dogs, drone delivery of explosives, dangerous gases, choke holds, stun guns.  

And, what I believe may be most important of all. let our police rid themselves of irrational, self defeating idea, that its better to kill a suspect than to let them temporarily escape.

An occasional sincere smile would go a long way. In short, if the police will become part of the community rather than an occupying military force, I think they will find trust, acceptance and peace from most citizens.  

Do ordinary citizens share some responsibility to restore peace and order? You bet, we do. A lot. But the police are the ones wielding authority, swearing oaths and drawing salaries to keep things peaceful. Consequently, the responsibility to make the first re-conciliatory move falls on them. 


– Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana

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