Arc of the moral universe


Almost everytime, I see a sign of moral improvement in the society around me, I think of the Martin Luther King quote about positive moral change. Dr King said,……………………………..

………………. Dr King said, and I think he borrowed it from some earlier philosopher, “The Arc of the moral  universe is long, but it tends toward justice.” Meaning by that, that society does, albeit very slowly, become more moral as history progresses.  That society can learn and improve, just as individuals can, that things gradually get better in this old mysterious world of ours. I like that thought. I cling to it, in my darkest moods.

Recent news stories from Massachusetts, concerning the cruel bullying inflicted on a handicapped child there, give me reason to hope once again, that  while we still have abundant evil in the world, there are more and more of our young people who are beginning to “get it” morally.



Posted by Ron Nesler from New Harmony, Indiana

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