Benjamin Franklin vs Trump, Tomes et al


Benjamin Franklin vs Trump, Tomes et al

On this date, June 10th, 1752, Benjamin Franklin proved that lightening was electricity by FLYING A KITE into a thunder storm and thus capturing and storing electricity in a simple storage battery. 

Flying that Kite is small potatoes compared to …………… 


………………………………………….  many other things Franklin achieved. 

Franklin is arguably the greatest, most intellectually able and the wisest of any of the other founding fathers and of any American who has lived since.

He made contributions to science, technology, education, political discourse, diplomacy, government services, freedom from religion, medicine, dietary practices and human relations. Like Thomas Paine, Jefferson, Washington and John Adams, Franklin was a Deist.

He created the US Postal Service, founded America’s first American fire department and served under arms for his nation. 

Benjamin Franklin was the only person to sign all three documents freeing America from British rule; the Declaration of Independence, the Paris Treaty with Britain that ended the revolutionary war, and the US Constitution.  

Dull witted Trumpers with zero knowledge of American history, such as state senator Jim Tomes, would be better Americans, if they knew more about Franklin and less about machine guns. 


Posted from New Harmony, Indiana by Ron Nesler


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