Better to Be Trump? Or a Diseased Opossum, beset by rabid bats?


Trump has collapsed into a fat, morose, sulking, steamy heap of decomposing lies.

He’ll do more damage on his way out the door, but he damn sure won’t be president after Jan 21st.

Here are a few thoughts on ………………………..




…………………………   Trump’s lying undignified departure from the White House. 


Trump’s last tool in his election nullification tool kit is to launch a nuclear war and declare martial law. I don’t think the military and CIA will allow that, and I don’t think it could keep Trump in office anyway, even if the military did allow it. But, I guarantee you, it is not beyond this selfish, evil psycho bastard to try it, if he thought it would work for him.

Surely, even the cowardly and complicit GOP Senators like Mike Braun would draw the line at this. But, there are no assurances of that. Braun and his wimpy draft dodging ilk have slavishly supported each and every wacko anti American crime by trump. So, who knows, if Braun would support Trump in launching nukes? All, I can say, is this, if Braun  did back a nuclear war to keep Trump in power, he is even a bigger sissy wimp, than I already view him, and a monster to boot.

Trump will issue a flood of pardons for family and supporters. Will he try to pardon himself? Probably. But, when Nixon considered that, the DoJ issued a ruling, that a president COULD NOT pardon himself. It is not law, it is a DoJ precedent, the same as the DoJ Directive, Trump loves so much, saying a sitting president can’t be indicted.

Neither is law, both are DoJ opinions that have become precedent. Either one has the same legal power as the other. It would be very inconsistent for Trump to depend on the one DoJ ruling for survival, but to dishonor the other. But, hey! Were talking about Trump, the only consistency he shows is lying and inconsistency. So, he will probably try to pardon himself.

Possible a smarter move for Trump, would be to follow Nixon’s tactic, resign a few days early and trust Mike Pence, as the new president to pardon him. But, there are legal and political problems with that too, such as that being legally construed as Pence trading the pardon for something of value, ie the presidency. And, that IS illegal. Plus, it would be political suicide for Pence, and dash any dreams he has of ever being mayor of Griffin or Wadesville.

Whether Trump is able to wrangle a federal pardon for himself or not, it won’t protect him from state charges, and the minute he is no longer president, he will be buried in a flood of civil cases, he can no longer avoid, including one involving a rape with  DNA evidence, like Monica Lewinski had.

The state of New York, has some strong criminal cases against Trump, for bank fraud, insurance fraud, and tax fraud. Plus, owing federal taxes can’t be pardoned, and when Trump leaves office, the IRS, wants to to discuss $72 million dollars worth of allegedly fraudulently evaded taxes.  

All in all, I would rather be a diseased opossum under attack by rabid bats, than to be Trump, right now. Stray cats have better lives, than Trump will have, when he leaves office. May justice bite Trump in his fat, sissy, lying, selfish, draft dodging ass.  

Ron Nesler posting  from New Harmony Indiana

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