Friday 20th October 2017

birds and the bees


Right wing extremists like Rand Paul and Rush Limbaugh and the big corporations and the Christian evangelicals completely ignore the examples set by the birds and the bees. They get all bent out of shape when they hear it said health care is a human right. They go into panic attacks, and they whine about the socialist tyranny of providing "free" medical care to the poor. They froth at the mouth and gasp for air, at the horrible injustice of poor people getting medical care without paying for it out of their minimum wage salaries. While the wealthy must pony up big money for insurance premiums. They accuse the poor of squandering their health insurance money on iphones and potato chips. They often go into teary eyed insincere sermons, about the spiritual harm done to workers, if things are made too easy for them. They also say………………

……………………………………………………….They also say, the poor can go to the emergency rooms at hospitals for care. Yes, the poor may certainly go to ER when they are sick or injured. But care at the ER is astronomically more expensive, than the regular clinics where the wealthy get their care. Poor people, who go to the ER, usually end up buried in dept and never again able to finance a car at a fair rate of interest, or buy a home or anything else on credit. Their credit is ruined for life, and from that point forward, they can't even qualify for a good job, which might allow them to bail themselves out. They're  suddenly unemployable, because of bad credit. And, to ice the cake, more fortunate people around them will treat them as moral lepers, because they were unable to pay the ER bills. ER care is a vicious trap for poor people, and ruins lots of lives, including the lives of the children of ER care victims. Talk to some poor people, who went to an ER, and see how it worked out for them.

I once heard Rand Paul's father speak about health care. He said the only legitimate expectation poor people have concerning health care, is if and when some entrepreneur (read corporation) can figure out a way to make a profit on providing the care, then the poor can expect to receive health care. In other, plainer words, if you get hit my a truck or a major disease, the Pauls and most other right wing people, believe you should just lie down  — making sure not to block the sidewalk or street or Jim Tomes will be on your ass — and wait until General Motors or Monsanto figures out how to turn a buck on relieving your suffering. And, if you die while waiting —  which you most likely will — you should try not to produce any unpleasant stink as you decompose, because that would inconvenience the rich people, who have to step over you, to get to the Country Club.

I think the Pauls and the Tea People and Rush Limbaugh and the evangelicals are all perfectly selfish, completely unjust and pretty whacky. Or more simply, full of Fascist crap. They ignore God's example of the birds and the bees.

It is very clear to me, that not only is health care a human right, but so is clean air and water, adequate clothing and housing, and also a little plot of earth to grow food and raise children, without the stress of punching a clock at any rich person's factory. I look at nature and I don't see the birds and the bees, paying rent to any master class birds or bees. All of the birds and the bees are equal among themselves. That's natural, and it is God's way, and that's how human beings should be also.

The earth is overflowing with with wealth and plenty. There is oil, minerals, gold, silver, uranium, foods growing everywhere, sunshine for energy, radio waves for communication, and too many other sources of wealth to even list. We inhabitants of earth do not have a shortage of wealth, we have a distribution problem.

Who decided that all this wealth belongs to just a select few? And, that the rest of us have to toe the line and work for the few, to receive enough handouts from the wealthy to keep soul and body together? The wealthy try to tell us, that this is "God's" plan, that God wants the few to own it all, and the many to struggle and suffer and go without. The rich try to tell us, that Jesus wants the wealthy to have 10 vacation homes, several yachts and unlimited power over others, while the rest of us are supposed to be polite about the injustice of it all. I don't believe God REALLY wants it this way, in my book God is not as selfish, unfair and full of crap as Rand Paul, Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump and the evangelicals.

Not only does this wanton selfishness by the wealthy cheat the poor out of our just possessions, but all of that greed among the wealthy maddens them with a sickness of soul, and causes them to wage endless bloody wars, while trying to gobble up all the other rich people's ill gotten and obscene wealth. And then,  guess who catches hell in the endless wars? Who bleeds and dies, and loses love ones, and starves and is taxed and goes into huge DEBT to pay for these wars? I give you a hint, it is not the wealthy bastards themselves.


Birds and the bees posted by Ron Nesler

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