Bite your freakin’ ear off


I get so damned discouraged some mornings, when I first ……..



……………………………………….. wake up. At first glance, the world looks pretty gloomy. Seems like the older I get, the more I want to do, but the more easily I am daunted.

I want to read more books, do better Blogging, raise more fruits, veggies and berries, and pretty flowers, to think more, and to be a better husband for my dear sweet Suzanne.  But, at the same time, while the spirit is willing, the flesh gets weaker. 

I’m old and tired, and grouchy. I’m also often verbally combative. Everything gets on my nerves. I have a laundry list of physical and mental disabilities, that makes me dizzy just to see how long the the list is. Also, I’m completely without patience for greed and stupidity, and bigotry. And, I’m totally incapable of keeping my mouth shut about it.  

They say being stupid makes life hard. Maybe, but being smarter, than those around you is no piece of cake either. 

So, how do I console and encourage myself? And, keep my whiny derelict, lazy butt in line?

Strong, French roasted, black coffee dosed with a dash of ground cinnamon and a couple packets of Sweet n’ Low helps me get the day started. Then, I try to think about other old farts in worse shape than me, who keep pluggin’ and don’t whine and seem to do pretty well in daily combat with the world. What would they do in my place?

One old fart who has inspired me to keep on keeping on, was an elderly Korean war veteran, named  Bob. Bob was not just elderly, Bob was falling apart elderly. And, afflicted with every disorder known to man from alcoholism and arthritis to plaque psoriasis and palsy to zinc deficiency and zootic hookworm.

But, Bob never said uncle for anyone. 

I first met Bob, in a VA Medical Clinic parking lot, where he was being insulted, mocked, and threatened, by four young vets, who didn’t like him, because he was old, dressed oddly and smelled a little ripe. After the four of these thugs had colorfully described to Bob all of the bumps and bruises they were intending to inflict on him, Bob snapped right back; “The four of you can probably whip my ass , but while you’re at it, I will bite off someone’s ear.” 

The four young bullies, were shocked at Bob’s total lack of fear, and sort of drifted away, with their bully vanity damaged, but with all of their ears still intact. A smart move, I guarantee, because I have since learned, that Bob was not bluffing, he sure as Hell would have bitten off at least one ear, if they touched him. 

Once, I’ve had my coffee, I try to be like good ol’ Bob., Whether I’m threatened by human bullies or just the day to day vicissitudes.  Mess with me, and, I’ll bite your freakin’ ear off.  

Ron Nesler posting from New harmony, Indiana.





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