Cannons in New Harmony Indiana

Popular personal cannon model for home defense and boosting your phallic image

Cannons in New Harmony Indiana

People often ask me, Ron, why don’t you have a personal cannon? They say to me, Ron, if you had a personal cannon, you could ………  


…………………………………………….  present a macho image to the world as a man with a large potent phallus, because absolutely nothing is a better phallic image than a gun or a cannon. And, for phallic imagery, the cannon beats out the puny little gun by a mile. 

You could also use your cannon to hint at having a strong history of military service to your nation, Ron.

And, a personal cannon signals a nationalistic willingness to support any war at any place at any time. How can you pass all of that up, Ron, by not taking the simple obvious step of acquiring your own home cannon?

In answer to those beguiling advantages, I can only say, the image of my phallus is the business of no one other than my wife and myself.

My history of military service speaks for itself with eight years active duty and 15 months in a combat unit, namely “B” Battery 6th 32nd Artillery, in Vietnam.

And, the only wars I would ever support would be to ward off a real military invasion of our shores or to defend the bill of rights. Beyond those two eventualities, you can put ME down as completely anti war. 

So, you see, I have zero need of a personal cannon, which is an annoyance to neighbors at best, and a safety hazard at worst.

For those who crave the ambiance of artillery, I suggest the Net Flix movie PLATOON, which gives the most accurate fictional portrayal of war, I have ever seen. PLATOON has plenty of artillery and lots of other engines of killing. It also shows what can happen to your kids and grand kids, if you let the super rich folks send them off to war. 

Ron Nesler firing for effect from FSB New Harmony, Indiana


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