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Ghosts of New Harmony Indiana

News, history, and opinion from New Harmony, Indiana

As we get older, our mental lists of friends and acquaintances contain more and more dead people. Maybe, that’s why old people see so many ghosts. I frequently see ghosts. Usually, they are in my head, but sometimes I bump into them on the street.

Sometimes, I bump into these ghosts on the street, while ………………. 


News and Opinion New Harmony, Indiana

Jon Webb at the Evansville Courier Press wrote this very fine article about the historic 2009 New Harmony, Indiana ice storm.

However, one important part of New Harmony, Indiana ice storm history, that Webb forgot to mention was ………..

Poker in New Harmony Indiana


03 Jan 2019


Poker involves math, psychology, patience, deviousness and well timed aggression. Poker is also an an equal opportunity game. At the poker table, no one cares, who your Daddy was, or who you rub shoulders with at happy hour. Poker tests character. If you are ruled by greed, animosity, prejudices, arrogance or impatience,  you will soon get your clock cleaned at poker. I love poker for all of those reasons.

When I was a kid, ………………

To Do in New Harmony, Indiana


01 Jan 2019


I wanted to list some exciting events in New Harmony, Indiana, for the coming month of January 2019.

But the truth is,  ………………………………


The New Harmony, Indiana  GLOBAL CROSS ROADS MULTICULTURAL FEST    is one of my favorite New Harmony events. This festival attracts a mixture of art, culture, food, languages and view points from around the world. And, all of this gets blended together right here in New Harmony, Indiana.  This is an event that should uplift us all.

I am a pacifist, who believes …………………………..

Two Schools of thought

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

There are two schools of thought, about what one should do, if one discovers that another person is a moral leper.

The first school of thought holds that one should be extremely polite, keep one’s mouth shut and don’t rock the boat.

I am………………….

Edith Hardcastle Indiana State Senate Dist 49

This is a plea for your support for Edith Hardcastle  candidate for Indiana State Senate Dist 49.

District 49 is located in the southwest corner of the state and is composed of Posey County, five townships in Gibson County and eight townships in Vanderburgh County.

Edith Hardcastle is a person of science, a professor of Biology at USI. She has a Doctorate degree from the University of Arkansas. Edith Hardcastle is educated, knowledgeable, focused, socially graceful  and very well respected. She is also an incredibly hard worker.  And, she is a Mom.

Edith Hardcastle is……………………….


Thirty states now have legal medical marijuana. Here’s a list of the legal marijuana states.

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

I know people in some of those legal marijuana states. Several of whom I served with during my eight years of US Army service, which incidentally included 15 months in a combat unit in the Vietnam war.

I have chronic pain, from conditions directly connected to my military service. The conditions I have are common among ex Army vets and some are specific to Vietnam war vets. 

These conditions are acknowledged to be connected to military service by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Some of the ex soldiers I know, who live in legal marijuana states, have the same conditions and the same chronic pain I have. Because, they live in one of the 30 legal marijuana states, they are prescribed marijuana and marijuana extracts for pain.

Everyone I know, who is prescribed marijuana for pain, reports that……..

Macho, Decency and Perma-culture

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

Many Trump supporters, believe that flaunting all standards of decency by backing Trump makes them look macho. It doesn’t, it just makes them look incredibly stupid and morally bereft.  Being a Trump supporter is the political equivalent of loud boom boxes, big guns, noisy mufflers and 10 foot tall pickup trucks.  It impresses people, but not the way you think.

Here are a couple of links you might like.






Yes, I believe in God. I’m old, and I’ve seen a lot of things, that would make it difficult to not believe in God. The universe is seemingly endless, even though my pea brain can’t really even grasp the concept of infinite vastness. The earth is large and holds many miraculous sights. The seas are deep and mysterious and still mostly unexplored. Man creates technological marvels at a dizzying pace.  All of that argues for a creator of some sort.

Who am I, with my tarnished little flea bite of a soul and my pitiful little joke of an intellect to argue against what I see before me? I don’t do it. There is something beyond my understanding going on, and what the Hell could it be other than God?

Basically, I concede, that there is a God, and that it is not me.

That’s not much, but its enough to build my religion on. My religious practice is to make my mind stop chattering, (you might call that meditation) and then just listen for messages from the creator. I may be deceiving myself, that I am hearing the creator’s voice. It is possible, that I may be just picking up some  stray radio signals from old Jack Bennie radio programs. But, authentic or not, it makes me feel better to do this listening, and I feel like I learn some valuable ideas.

Here are SOME of the ideas, I think, I have learned by just tuning out my own brain chatter and listening.

  1. Human life is universal, we are all part of one large network, we need one another
  2. We are unequivocally the keepers of our brothers and sisters
  3. Selfish is counter productive, if you are selfish, you harm your soul
  4. True joy is found in relieving the suffering of a fellow creature.
  5. True joy is found in humility, arrogance is a poison to our souls
  6. It should go without even mentioning, that killing except in direct self defense, stealing, and infidelity, sexual or otherwise, are very bad ideas. If you practice any of these bad acts, it will come back to bite you in the ass, either now or later, and you will without fail suffer great misery for it.

That is pretty much my religion, and it feeds my spiritual needs. I ask you to note, that I have created my religion without embracing guns, racism, homophobia, or hatred or fear of anyone, no matter how different, they are from me.

I will also mention, that while I am NOT recruiting for my religion, if you did decide to join, you will NEVER be asked to give me money. That is a first principle of my church. Absolutely no donations accepted EVER. I think I have a better program on that point than either Franklin Graham or the Pope. I will never accept your money, not today, not next year, not ever.

Also, my religion is on line, has no scheduled services, and therefore won’t interfere with spending your Sundays with family and friends. You can golfing or go fishing or take the kiddos to the playground, without a speck of guilt.   🙂

Here is a book, I recently read and found inspiring. THE SORROWS OF SATAN

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana





I just now called the office of Sen Todd Young, (R-IN) about the latest GOP attempt to repeal ACA.  Sen Young intends to vote to repeal ACA. This would be a huge disaster for Hoosier Medicaid recipients. If you want to call Sen Todd Young’s office, to voice your concern, the number is 202-224-5623.

The great irony on this is that, if the GOP kills ACA with this latest bill, the greatest harm will strike Red State working poor. The Blue states will preserve THEIR Medicaid programs.

posted by Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

Jim Tomes Sultan of Hickism

tomesTHIS POST WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON 01 JAN 2016, BUT I THINK IN VIEW OF THE CURRENT POLITICAL CLIMATE IT DESERVES ANOTHER VIEWING. SO, I HAVE DUSTED IT OFF AND UPDATED IT A BIT.   There are rumors that a prominent SANE 21st century Democrat is going to run against Jim Tomes in 2018, and that would be a good step toward moving us out of the 18 century and out of the notice of national comedians.

I can finally reveal the truth, about Indiana state senator Jim Tomes. Jim Tomes is not an actual flesh and blood human being. He is a parody created by the the writers at Saturday Night Live. The intention being  to make us Hoosiers look like a bunch of dumb hicks, who have never read a book or embraced any idea originating after 1836. Jim Tomes makes laughing at Hoosiers a national pass time. Jim has never met a weapon of violence, upon whose bandwagon he was not eager to leap. The Evansville Courier and Press just today ran this tongue in cheek editorial about Jim and his gun nuttiness. 

If the name Senator Jim Tomes doesn't ring a bell for you, perhaps this will help; Jim is the Indiana state senator, who worked tirelessly for years to repeal the Indiana state law against owning, carrying or selling switch blade knives. The fruit of Jim's efforts was Senate Bill 6 in 2013 that made selling switchblade knives legal for Hoosier gun sellers. Jim stated that the law against selling switchblades is out of date, because switchblades are hardly ever used in violent crimes in Indiana any more. It seems to escape him, that this is mainly, because switchblades have been hard to get, because they have been illegal to sell, while hand guns, (thanks to the gun lobby) have been cheap and easily available everywhere. (including public schools) Jim's legislation has now insured that the violent thugs will have as easy access to switchblades, as they do to handguns.  This was a great financial boon for pawn shops, flea markets, gun shows and gun stores who sell weapons to violent thugs, but a pretty bad deal for innocent elderly citizens trying to find our cars in dark parking lots.

Among Jim's other accomplishments is his "PAY to PEE" legislation creating state "Restroom Police" in order to jail or fine gay or transgender people up to $5,000, if they perniciously try to relieve themselves in the "wrong" public restroom.  Jim of corse will be the judge of which is the 'right" or the "wrong" public facility. Jim is a Republican, and Republicans are widely held to be the top authorities on public restrooms, such as at airports and the like.

Jim was ALSO the sponsor of the bill allowing state legislators and state employees to carry guns inside the state capitol.

Right now, and this is NO joke, Jim is sponsoring a bill that would allow any level of law enforcement in Indiana to use ANY MEANS NECESSARY to clear public roads of protesters. "ANY MEANS NECESSARY" is Jim's wording not mine. Here is an Evansville Courier Press article about Jim's ANY MEANS NECESSARY anti protest bill.

I recently discussed medical cannabis for war veterans with Senator Tomes. Tomes said he could never support medical cannabis, because the cannabis "might fall into the wrong hands." This is the same guy who fought like a tiger to legalize SWITCHBLADE KNIVES in Indiana. I guess it never occurred to Senator Tomes, that switch blade knives don't NEED to "fall into the wrong hands," because that is where they start out.

Posted by Ron Nesler during a moment of lucidity in New Harmony Indiana.