Wednesday 26th June 2019

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Here in New Harmony, Indiana, we live in a bucolic rural setting, and we are close to nature. On a regular basis, I rub elbows with raccoons, opossums, rabbits, squirrels, a huge variety of song birds, assorted snakes and lizards, many species of frogs, toads and turtles, foxes, wild turkeys and deer, hawks, vultures, eagles, cranes and ducks and geese. And when the river is up, some of us even have fish in our yards. 

But, one critter I have never seen in New Harmony is …

New Harmony Indiana LGBTQ


Here is something, a dose of which, is DESPERATELY NEEDED IN SOUTHERN INDIANA  ,   and this includes New Harmony, Indiana 

I’m 71 and I grew up in Posey County, in Indiana, which is red state ground zero times infinity. During my life, I have lived in a few of the states of the former slave owning Confederacy,  none of them top southern Indiana in bigotry or hate speech of ANY sort. 

When I was a kid, ……………….. 

Two Schools of thought

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

Here in New Harmony, Indiana there are two schools of thought, about what one should do, if one discovers that another person is a moral leper.

The first school of thought holds that one should be extremely polite, keep one’s mouth shut and don’t rock the boat.

I am of the other school of thought.

Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana


Benjamin Franklin vs Trump, Tomes et al

Benjamin Franklin vs Trump, Tomes et al

On this date, June 10th, 1752, Benjamin Franklin proved that lightening was electricity by FLYING A KITE into a thunder storm and thus capturing and storing electricity in a simple storage battery. 

Flying that Kite is small potatoes compared to …………… 


Sometimes, we here in New Harmony forget, that it is the patronage of tourists, that allows us to enjoy the unique quality of life we have. I think we should all occasionally take a moment to reflect on the TOURIST EYE VIEW OF NEW HARMONY INDIANA. 

Because, without the tourist dollars we wouldn’t have ….


Now that  ILLINOIS HAS LEGALIZED WEED,  I’m guessing, that Indiana state Senator Jim “Bubba Bob”  Tomes is busy working on legislation for the use of “ANY FORCE NECESSARY” to stop interstate giggling, at the Indiana/Illinois state line.

We can’t have Hoosier Pot Tourists crossing the line back into Indiana, while giggling and smiling from the evil Illinois weed, now can we? 

I am reminded of Jon Prine’s song ILLEGAL SMILE


Ron Nesler from New Harmony, Indiana, posting while trapped in the far past by Poop Head Tomes


I was just reading the REMARKS OF STATE SENATOR JIM TOMES concerning a lawsuit by the city of Gary, Indiana against the big gun makers. The city of Gary is trying to make the big gun makers financially accountable for ………..

Speak out

Speak out AGAINST lying and adultery and Trump supporters question your patriotism.

Speak out in FAVOR of Christ’s teachings of love, tolerance and kindness to strangers and the evangelicals question your spirituality.

Speak out to SUPPORT succor for the poor and weak and  the Republicans call you a socialist commie maggot. 

When you speak out, don’t anticipate wide approval.  

Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana

Please send me no money

 I see a trend.  Everyday, folks offer me advice on how to have a “better” life or how to save the world from ruin. What they have in common is they all want me to send them a check. 

God’s messenger always seems to say, that God’s message is to give God’s messenger money.

To counter that trend, I offer some priceless tips, completely free gratis from a certifiably old person. 

Here are ………………………


A few days ago, I watched as a neighbor with a heart attack was rescued by an ambulance from POSEY COUNTY EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES.

I was reminded of a couple of years ago, when my wife fell breaking both ……………………….

Democratic Socialism

Big GM plant in Lordstown, Ohio is shutting down ending thousands of good union GM jobs as well as high paid jobs (including benefits) with GM suppliers.

Thousands of the formerly middle class Blue Collar workers now scrabble for ………………………….

American Exceptionalism

Donald Trump may be the master of lying directly into the face of contrary established fact, but he didn’t invent it.

Since the Vietnam war, reactionaries have peddled the myth of American exceptionalism. American exceptionalism is the theory, that our founders were divinely guided, and that America is …….