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We can all remember, that magic transcendent moment, when we realized Donald Trump was the chosen one of Jesus, the Holy one to whom we must dedicate our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honors. 

For me, it was the moment when ………………


Folks often ask me, what’s important to you, Ron? 

Wife and family top the list, then come ……….

Please send me no money

 I see a trend.  Everyday, folks offer me advice on how to have a “better” life or how to save the world from ruin. What they have in common is they all want me to send them a check. 

God’s messenger always seems to say, that God’s message is to give God’s messenger money.

To counter that trend, I offer some priceless tips, completely free gratis from a certifiably old person. 

Here are ………………………

Support Your Brothers and Sisters



When I speak of rich and poor, I am using the following definitions. A rich person is one who can exist on the income from inherited or accumulated wealth without resorting to working for others for wages, salaries commissions or other remunerations for their efforts or energies.

A poor person is ……………………………..

Cheeseburgs in New Harmony, Indiana

Cheeseburgs and Sanctuary in New Harmony, Indiana


We are down the rabbit hole here in America, with the government shutdown, caprice by tantrum in foreign policy and the ever stronger whiff of fascism in our national domestic affairs. 

The founders could not in their wildest nightmares have ever anticipated the rise of a  …………………

Jim Tomes vs Science

Jim Tomes in Hoosier Death Match against Science


Jim Tomes, the Indiana state senator for New Harmony, Indiana is sponsoring Hoosier legislation to sidetrack state education money be used for gun training.  Uncle Cousin Jimmy Toms is the same back woodsy buffoon, who ………………

There’s dignity in work

There’s dignity in work. If the worker gets a living wage and a square deal. But, there is no dignity in fat cat corporations getting richer by exploiting powerless workers.

In the state of Alabama the state minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, which is the lowest allowed by federal law. The city of Birmingham, Alabama  wants to raise the minimum wage within the city to $10.10 per hour. To stop this increase in wages by the city of Birmingham, the Alabama state  legislature has created ……….

peeing on the electric fence

 For me, learning is a piece of cake. I can learn almost anything with hardly any effort at all. I learn stuff everyday. Where I get daunted is remembering my lessons. Almost daily, I forget some lesson, I learned only a week or so before. Then, I burn my hand on the metaphoric hot skillet, and have to learn the same lesson over again.

Will Rogers said, that some people learn from books, some from observing others, and some have to

Losing home and dignity to corporations

Medicare is single payer government managed health insurance. Medicare works. Medicare recipients love Medicare, because the coverage saves us from losing our homes (and dignity) to medical bills. Providers like Medicare, because Medicare pays the bills on time with little hassle. Ask your doctor, I’ve asked mine.

In ANY health insurance system,


Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana


by Ron Nesler from New Harmony, Indiana

Right wing extremists have twisted the word fascist to mean anyone who bucks the corporate system. The TRUE meaning of Fascist is exactly OPPOSITE of that. The ACTUAL MEANING of the word Fascism is a philosophy, which supports totalitarian rule by a business and political coalition, which gains power through preaching ultra nationalism and bigotry against other groups. A Fascist is someone who believes democracy is rule of the mob and grossly inefficient. American fascists have found it convenient to confuse and devalue this word. Trump is by definition a fascist. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, it is accurate. No matter how badly you may hate Obama, he is NOT a Fascist. He is a democratic socialist for better or worse. If, you hate Obama, and want to insult him, do so accurately. And, if you want to be a fascist, tote your banner openly. I personally am a democratic socialist and damn proud of it.

Here is a bonus link, no extra charge. NEW FBI WARNING ON RUSSIAN MEDDLING IN US GOVERNMENT

Ron Nesler from New Harmony, Indiana

medical marijuana for war vets

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

During the Vietnam war, I was a Staff Sergeant E-6 in the US Army with a spotless record and accelerated promotions. I served 15 months in an artillery combat unit in Vietnam. I am rated 100% service connected disabled by the VA. I have three conditions, normally treated with medical marijuana in states other than Indiana.

But, because, I live in Indiana, I am forced to use other less effective medicines, some of which are highly addictive and/or cause liver damage. To the best of my understanding, the reason that I am denied medical marijuana in my home state, is because Mike Pence and other non veteran radicals fear that pot might have the side effect of causing me to be mildly euphoric. Or, that it might, as a worst case scenario, actually make me smile for a few minutes per day.

Mike Pence and all the other radical winger Chicken Hawks, who oppose medical marijuana for war vets, may kiss my rosy red enlisted ass.

almost like the system is rigged

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

During the Vietnam war, — (of which, unlike Cadet Bone Spur,  I was a participant) — our government spent hundreds of millions of dollars PER DAY on waging that war. I remember, when the war ended, my very first thought was that all of that money could then go into making life better for working class people in America.

In my childlike and trusting way, I just assumed that all of that money we had been wasting on war would go into education, schools, higher wages, health care, roads, bridges, libraries, space exploration, and other benefits for natural air breathing human beings.

Hello Polly Ana!

It has been forty years now, and working people are worse off today, than we were when the Vietnam war was at its worst. Sometimes, it almost seems like the system is rigged in favor of the war contractors.

Ron Nesler posting childish childlike thoughts from New Harmony, Indiana

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