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Yesterday, I posted about changing my mind on the infallibility of the nations founders. Today, I want to tell you about another change of mind, I have had. 

Most of my life, I believed, that both major political parties are corrupt and dishonest, that neither one was any better than the other. I have had a big change of mind on that, as I get older and wiser. I think one political party is good for the ordinary people and that the other is absolutely dead set against our best interests. 

The experience of a long life has taught me, that …………………………………..

the Republican Party has only two goals. #1 to cut taxes for corporations. #2 to reduce government regulation of corporations. Both of those goals are anti democratic, destructive of honest government and extremely harmful to poor and middle class Americans. All of the rest of the GOP's interests, such as supporting racism and homophobia and creating a religious frenzy about abortion, are smoke screens to hide their two main goals, and to trick bigoted and uneducated people into voting for them.  If you are not a billionaire, and you vote for GOP candidates, you have been tricked into voting against your own best interests. 

The Democratic party has it's share of crooks and liars, but the Democratic party has fought the good fight for voting rights for all Americans, including African Americans and women. The Democratic party has also supported minimum wage for workers,  overtime laws, Social Security insurance and Medicare for the elderly, Medicaid for the disabled, food stamps for the hungry, the right to union representation, Workman's Comp insurance, protection of our air and water, stopping the corporations from shipping American jobs over seas,  keeping corporate bribes out of our election process and MANY more policies to help ordinary people. The GOP on the other hand has fought tooth and claw AGAINST every item in this list. Every single one.

If you are NOT a billionaire, voting Republican is against your own self interest.

Donald Trump is a truly evil man. He is running for President of the USA. Trump is the worst threat to our nation in my lifetime, if not ever. Trump is a draft dodger, a proven abuser of women, a proven serial liar, a renown tax cheat, a proven dead beat who does not pay workers what he owes them, a racist supported by the KKK and a corporate swindler, who has filed bankruptcy SEVEN times. There is nothing positive to say about Donald Trump. He is a complete un-American sleaze.

And, who has embraced Donald Trump? The Republican Party leadership, that's who. Republican politicians, some of whom once had my respect, are embracing this clearly evil man. These Republican leaders are not stupid, they are cynical and self seeking. There is no other credible explanation. I understand uneducated rank and file voters being taken in by Trump, because Trump is a slick liar. But, the GOP leadership is NOT taken in, they are complicit in this evil. And, it is for their own selfish and unpatriotic reasons, and to Hell with what happens to America. This election is a big deal. We either take America into the 21 st century, or backwards into 1930's Germany. Please get out and vote straight Democratic, if you love America as much as I do.     

Another Change of Mind is published from New Harmony Indiana by Ron Nesler


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