Saturday 20th October 2018

civil war is still not over


Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

Educated and affluent white liberals are always baffled, because the uneducated white working class vote against their own economic self interested. Most black people understand why. And guys like me, the product of lower class poverty growing up, we understand why, too.

What the educated and affluent white liberals miss in the equation is that to poor whites, there are things of great value psychologically, that have no money value. The Bosses know that.

At the end of the Civil War, the poor whites in the South were just as powerless and down trodden as the freed slaves. Under the plantation system a few rich white males controlled everything. With the slaves newly freed, you would think that poor whites and poor blacks would have joined together to improve the lot of all of the working class, black and white. But, that’s not what happened.

What happened after the civil war was that the white moneyed interests, the Bosses, drove wedges between white workers and black workers. They drove those wedges by giving the poor white people status and power over the poor black people. The Plantation owners basically said to the poor whites, we will give you the titles Mr, Miss and Mrs, and we will force the poor blacks by law and custom to defer to you in all things.  You may walk on the same sidewalks and attend the same churches and schools with us powerful land owners. You poor whites can control the police departments and the schools. You can push the black people around to your hearts content.

Oh! By the way, poor white people, in return for this great status which we elite plantation owning Bosses are bestowing on you,  we few wealthy land owning Bosses will CONTINUE to control ALL of the money.

The poor whites snapped this deal up in a heart beat. The phony status and life and death power over the poor blacks, has huge psychological and emotional huge value to the poor whites. And, it doesn’t mean the poor whites are intrinsically evil, it just means they are human. I learned this from growing up as a poor white. American black people understand this from childhood, because they live under the thumb of the poor whites. The poor whites cling to the contrived racial status, bestowed on them by the Bosses.

So the bosses keep all the money, the poor whites vote against their own interests to preserve their false elevation above the poor blacks. And, after 150 years the civil war is still not over.

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

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