David Flanders is a member of the New Harmony Town Board. When he was elected in our last Town Board election, he received five votes from my family. This time, it looks like Mr Flanders will get …………….



………………………………..ZERO of my family’s votes.

My family voted for David the first time, because he was gay, like my oldest brother Don Charles Nesler. Not knowing much about David, our reasoning was that as a gay man in Posey County, he had probably been kicked in the teeth enough to understand the problems of ordinary people like our family. 

It evolves, we were wrong.  This time around David is running with and supporting the candidacy of David Campbell. We can’t and won’t vote for anyone who supports Campbell. Campbell is a bully, a reactionary, a liar and a loud mouthed lout.

Campbell is bad for New Harmony. He would be bad for Griffin, if he popped up there.  Or even Bug Town. The last time Campbell was on the town board, his whole term was filled with fighting, ugliness, divisiveness and mean spirited vindictiveness.

We won’t vote for Campbell, and we won’t vote for any of his associates.

While on the Town Board previously, Campbell illegally signed a contract between a close friend of his and the Town of New Harmony. State law required the contract to be discussed in an open public meeting. Campbell signed the contract secretly and then denied under oath having done so, until he was confronted, still under oath, with the actual contract, obtain from his friend, that he and he alone had signed for the town.

Then, having been caught out in a lie under oath about signing the contract, he switched his story, and claimed still under oath, that he must of signed it without knowing what it was. So, is Campbell an intentional law breaker? Or a fool who obligated the town to a contract, without even knowing what he signed?

Our family will happily vote for David Flanders again, if and only if, he distances himself from David Campbell.  Flanders told me, that Campbell is his friend. Maybe, but in my experience, Campbell is more prone to chewing cigars and taking hostages, than to having friends. 

Read Campbell’s sworn deposition under oath, and you decide what he is CAMPBELL’S SWORN DEPOSITION 

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