During my life, I have gone back and forth between being a Democrat or a Republican several times. But, you can’t do that anymore. Because, American politics have been hijacked by ………………………….


……………………………………….  religion.  

Politics is based on ideas and thought, religion is dogma and forbids ideas and thought. To mix politics and religion is bad Mojo.  

I used to go with the Republican Party on property rights issues and fiscal conservatism and on the issue of free trade. But, that Republican Party doesn’t exist anymore. The Evangelical Christians have devoured the GOP I once knew. The GOP is no longer about good government, it is about Donald Trump and the 700 Club.  

I remember, back in the 1960’s, arch conservative Barry Goldwater warned, that if allowed to gain power in the GOP, the “preachers” of the evangelical movement would destroy the Republican Party. He was absolutely correct. The fulfillment of that Goldwater prophesy is now history. 

Once, Republicans were people who believed in personal liberty, free trade and free citizens. They embraced duty, honor, country and and a fair shake for all. Abe Lincoln and Dwight Eisenhower were old time Republicans. To those Republicans of yesteryear, lying, adultery, draft dodging, stealing and abuse of government powers would not have cut the mustard at all, but to today’s GOP, those abominations are business as usual.  And, Donald Trump is  their poster boy. 

In truth today’s Republican Party is solely focused on protecting the giant corporations. The heart and soul of the present day GOP is anti tax, anti regulation corporatism. The GOP stands ready and willing to do anything to advance that corporation driven agenda, because billions of dollars flow into their party from the giant international corporations they protect. Power feeds power.

For public consumption, the GOP corporatism is hidden behind a facade of racism and religious extremism, which appeals to a wide swath of the ugly underbelly of America.

The GOP sells itself as a three issue party, dedicated to pro guns, anti abortion and promotion of evangelical religion. The truth is those three issues are a disguise to hide their true international corporatism. They are pretty much destroying America with their veneer of hate and bigotry, but the truth is the real GOP Bosses don’t care beans about any of those three, as long as the corporations are protected from taxation and regulation. 

Do you think Donald Trump is a Christian? Or, that he owns a shot gun and goes squirrel hunting? Or, that he has balked at abortions for any of his many concubines? I don’t either, but he is the poster boy for both the GOP and for Christian Evangelicals. 

Did the Evangelical Christians corrupt the Republican Party? Or, has the Republican Party corrupted American Evangelical Christianity? A little of both, I think. But, either way, both are now rotten to the core and destructive of good order and decency.   

If you want to be an Evangelical Christian or a present day Republican, here are some of the ideas you are required to accept.

  1. All people are created equal, except for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals, queers, women, nonwhites, non-Christians, the handicapped, the obese, immigrants, the homeless,  socialists, Quakers, Shakers and Democrats.

2. Immigration to the United States should not be allowed for persons falling into any of the groups listed in # 1

3.  All God fearing white people should keep an arsenal of military weapons on hand, just in case our religious leaders decide we need to overthrow the federal government or ethnically cleanse our nation.

4. The civil contract of marriage must not be permitted among couples not pre approved by Rush Limbaugh or Donald Trump.

5. Prison and jails must be operated by private corporations to keep money flowing to the corporate 1%

6. Marijuana must remain illegal, because mostly Blacks and minorities use Marijuana and our marijuana laws give us a convenient reason to arrest them. This keeps the Blacks and minorities from becoming uppity and stops them from getting good jobs that should be reserved for decent Republican white people.

7. We must never ever raise minimum wage, because increased income could do grievous spiritual harm to the working poor.

8. We must never ever tax the rich or expect them to serve in the military, because that would interfere with their benevolent primary purpose of sacking up all of the money to protect the poor from the spiritual harm of upward mobility.

That’s just a sample. Maybe you can choke that down, but I can’t and won’t.

I do not want to be at odds with religion in general or Christianity in particular. I can coexist with just about any sort of religion, unless it loses its way and becomes a political weapon. The Christianity I respect is outlined in the red letter portion of the New Testament. That is NOT what American Evangelicals and the GOP are pushing. They are pushing theocracy and religious dictatorship. If not stopped, they are going to destroy our great nation.

I note, it is AMERICAN Evangelicals I am talking about. A full 30 percent of the humans on earth, self identify as Christians. But, only a small number of them are American Evangelicals. It is only right here in America that any Christian sect poses a threat to liberty and human dignity. 

The Evangelicals are no joke. Be polite to them at peril of your political freedom. They are out to enslave you.

Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony Indiana

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