Tuesday 20th March 2018

Do we have a problem?


The American social order is in acrimonious ruin. The environment is damaged beyond repair. Americans are afraid to go outside of their homes, because of gun violence. Income disparity grows ever greater.  And millions of Americans claim with a straight face, that they need unlimited access to military weapons, just in case, they might decide to overthrow our government.

While all these disasters obtain, our minority vote, science denying president, who was apparently selected by Russia and the folks at Duck Dynasty, is mad as a Hatter. A total loose canon. You tell me, do we have a problem?

In my seventy years of life, I have watched, as our imperfect American society has edged ever forward, albeit slowly, towards a better world. In a few short months, Trump has caused Republican politicians to wave pistols at election rallies, in order to stir hatred. And, once covert racists are coming right out front and in peoples faces with their hate mongering. Nothing is sacred or respected anymore.

I am stunned and heartbroken. I don’t have any solutions, but I am willing to put my limited abilities to work to support anyone, who does have some rational ideas, about how to save our collective national butts.

Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana





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