Saturday 20th October 2018

In defense of Jesus


Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

NOTE TO RADICAL CHRISTIANS: It’s your right to try to improve your own lot by harming weaker people such as immigrant children, I grant you that. But, don’t insult Jesus by dragging his name into it. Every racist, homophobic, for profit money grubber in America wants to enlist the name of Jesus to support their evil.

It doesn’t wash. If you read every word that is attributed to Jesus, nowhere did he exhort people to harm one another. And, you never know, he may be watching you! If, I were Jesus, I would sue the socks off of the radical right for defamation of character. And, maybe flog the bastards, like he did the bankers in the temple.

Turn your sound on  JESUS WAS A CAPRICORN

Ron Nesler in defense of Jesus from New Harmony, Indiana

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