Calling Ytinas at Nosaer Control, this is Galactic Explorer Thgisni  of Galactic Mission Recon II reporting initial data  from ………………



…………………. PLANET EARTH.  

Galactic Explorer Thgisni reporting as follows: Earth is a tiny planet, lacking features of physical significance. There is carbon based life and several life forms having varying levels of sentience. The two most evolutionary advanced life forms are the Dog and the Whale. But, while those two life forms have developed the highest intelligence the planet is ruled (more or less) by a peculiar evolutionary mutant called man. More about this man creature later.

Earth has only one moon and is the third of eight planets orbiting a dying star which we call Kcufgnub and the earthlings call Sol. The planet is nearing ecological destruction by man, the ruling life form, having an stunning score of 11 out of 12 Seicoidi on the Yldog planetary Death Wish Index.  Other than this strikingly egregious Yldog rating, Earth is otherwise physically pretty much, meh. 

Where Earth is remarkable is in its societal and spiritual oddities. The evolutionary mutant man, having wrested control from the more intelligent life forms, calls the tune for all other creatures on the planet.  

Man has created a God in his own image. Their are several local variations  on this man made God, but they are all alike in most aspects.  These several variations are called religions, and man falsely believes that adhering to these religions is in some way a spiritual practice. 

All religions of this man made God, hate all the other religions and the followers of the other religions.  Men are exhorted to punish and despise all followers of any religion other than their own. Many men believe, that their own variation of God will eventually punish believers in other variations and will someday cast those believers in the other religions into an eternal furnace, which they call Hell.

I kid you not, Ytinas, the situation on Earth is exactly as I report it. You should probably sit down and have a Eibood, before continuing to read.   

Even though the followers of almost all of these man made Gods believe, that their God plans eternal torment for all of the followers of other religions, they all try to get ahead of the game by  maiming, torturing, and murdering as many as possible, before their religion’s God puts them all in Hell.

Some of the tools that men use against followers of other religions are Crucifixion, beheading, live amputation of appendages and sexual organs, slow confined starvation, blinding, burning alive over slow fires, baking alive in sealed stone or metal containers, eviscerating while alive, stoning, suffocation, drowning in water, burying alive, dragging to death behind horses or motor vehicles, public rapes, public whippings, feeding them alive to starving wild animals, pulling bodies asunder with mechanical devices especially designed for this purpose, drowning them in sewage, public humiliations and ostracism or casting out. These are some but not all, of the murders, horrors and torments used by various man made religions to punish belief in religions other than their own.

Some religions are more subtle and underhanded than others in supporting these crimes against Slouslla, but no earthly religion, will step up to the plate and take  an uncompromising stand to stop all this. May the Efilforehtom forgive and love us all. 

Enough on the odd religious depravities on Earth for now, let me close out this first of my reports from planet Earth with some notes on their social organization, which is of course strongly perverted by their many variations of bizarre religion.    

As reported above, man, though far from being the most intelligent life form on earth, has forcibly taken control of the planet, by overpowering, enslaving and or decimating the more intelligence creatures such as cats, dogs, whales, Honey Bees, Passenger Pigeons, Dodo birds and Three Toed Tree Sloths. 

Lacking the intelligence and spiritual development of those higher he subjugates, man has developed some pretty repugnant practices. Chief among these is slavery. Man revels in slavery. Man will go to any lengths to enslave other creatures. Man has invented chattel slavery, wherein he can own other men or even own the higher creatures such as cats and dogs. 

If a man owns a chattel slave, the slave has no protection under law. The slave owner may use the slave in any way desired, and may torture or kill the slave, if the slave owner desires. Once becoming a slave, a creature is no longer a creature under man’s laws, but is an object of the owner, the same as a ball point pen or a blender. 

But Chattel slavery is only one form of slavery, there are other forms. All creatures except man are exempt from these other forms of slavery besides chattel slavery. 

Among the race of man, males enslave females, the rich enslave the poor, employers enslave employees (I will explain rich and poor and employer and employee in my next report) and in short, the strong enslave the weak.

The strong do this by controlling access to the physical needs of life, such as food, clothing and shelter. They do this through a practice called “private property ownership” under which the strong “own” everything the poor need to survive, including food shelter and raiment. The strong, who own all this stuff,  dole these things out to the weak at their own pleasure. In whatever manner they feel will best keep the weak weak and on their knees to the strong who own the necessities. If the weak don’t jump through hoops for the strong, the necessities of physical life are withheld from them, and they perish.

On earth, about 2% are the owners, who are strong, and about 98% are the weak and enslaved with no real power over their own lives or even their own bodies. 

Ugly stuff, but do not allow yourself to believe that the 98% are blameless in their own subjugation. They are far from. Most of them have swallowed hook, line and sinker the very ideas that subjugate them. There are enough of them to force justice, but they have allowed themselves to become too lazy, complacent and cowardly to raise a ruckus for justice.  

The poor, the weak, the 98% of humans embrace the idea that it is their “God’s intention,” that they be enslaved by the strong, the owners, the 2%.  The 98% have allowed themselves to be convinced, that raising Holy Hell to get justice from the universe would be impolite, ungodly, selfish, unpatriotic and worst of all, it would be SOCIALISM. And for centuries these human drones have had it drilled into their hearts and minds, that absolutely nothing is more evil and pernicious than socialism.

So, the 98% continue to creep meekly around accepting whatever slavery and humiliation the 2% heaps on them. And, uncomplainingly grabbing up whatever crumbs and table scraps the strong, the 2%, the owners see fit to throw to them. 

These 98% are wage slaves. No horse, mule, or dog was ever so badly enslaved as the 98% of Earth men. And, frankly, if anyone tried to do this to those higher creatures, the horse, the mule or the dog, those higher Earth creatures would kick and bite and generally raise Hell and not stand for it.

More in my next report from Earth, Ytinus, and NO I am not drinking  Lohocla. Things here on planet Earth are exactly as I describe them. It is not like our home on planet Nosaer, at all. 

This is Galactic Explorer Thgisni  of Galactic Mission Recon II reporting from planet Earth  




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