Friday 22nd March 2019

Edith Hardcastle Indiana State Senate Dist 49


This is a plea for your support for Edith Hardcastle  candidate for Indiana State Senate Dist 49.

District 49 is located in the southwest corner of the state and is composed of Posey County, five townships in Gibson County and eight townships in Vanderburgh County.

Edith Hardcastle is a person of science, a professor of Biology at USI. She has a Doctorate degree from the University of Arkansas. Edith Hardcastle is educated, knowledgeable, focused, socially graceful  and very well respected. She is also an incredibly hard worker.  And, she is a Mom.

Edith Hardcastle is……………………….

………………………………..Edith Hardcastle is someone, of whom we could be proud, as our State Senator. And, she is someone, who would have the respect of fellow members of the Indiana state legislature.

Hardcastle’s opponent is Jim Tomes. I know Jim Tomes. He is a nice guy.  And, Jim is a fellow Vietnam vet.  Personally, I like Jim.  He is the sort of person, with whom I can see myself going fishing or playing poker. But, the simple truth is, Jim lacks knowledge, education and polish to represent us in Indianapolis. 

Jim is not taken seriously by other legislators. Even legislators from his own party poke fun at Jim for his limited knowledge. Jim is a one issue guy, completely fixated on guns. I own and use guns, but, there are other issues that affect me, too.  One issue in particular is health insurance. I very recently talked to Jim about Hoosiers loosing their health insurance coverage. It quickly became obvious, that Jim has very little knowledge and almost no interest in Hoosier health insurance problems.  He did tell me, that his health insurance is provided by the state of Indiana. I found his disinterest to be sad and disappointing.

Edith Hardcastle is knowledgeable of education, business, medicine, health insurance, the environment and many other issues that directly affect ordinary Hoosiers every day of our lives.  Edith Hardcastle has no big out of state money donors.  The Edith Hardcastle campaign is a face to face effort financed by small local donations from our neighbors.

It is time for a change. Our District is not being represented, respected nor taken seriously in Indianapolis. Edith Hardcastle will change that.

Please support Edith Hardcastle  for the good of our families and futures.


You may donate to Edith Hardcastle’s campaign by CLICKING HERE


Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana

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