Emiliano’s Fruit Cake




I was just pondering the topic of fruit cakes, and it made me think of ………..

………………………..  my brother in law, Emiliano.  About 15 years ago, while living in New Mexico, I checked my mail one Christmas Eve afternoon, hoping to find a late arriving fruit cake from my favorite brother-in-law, Emiliano. Instead, to my shock and dismay, I found in place of Emiliano’s gifted fruit cake a letter from the state of Wisconsin threatening to take my home away from me, if I did not immediately cough up to them over $75,000 in back taxes. They stressed the word immediately.

It was upsetting, but was resolved shortly after New Years Day, when I called the Wisconsin Governor’s office and explained that not ONLY had I never set foot (or done business) in the great state of Wisconsin, but that I didn’t even very much like cheese, either.

Wisconsin then sent me a letter apologizing and admitting they had tried to extort the wrong Ron Nesler.

It would make a better story, if the state of Wisconsin had gifted me a pound or two of cheddar in compensations for their mistake. But they didn’t. However, Emiliano’s slow moving fruit cake did finally arrive before Easter, and it was most excellent. Thank you again, Emiliano.


posted by Ron Nesler New Harmony, Indiana  

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