Friday 20th July 2018

Even Cow Girls Get the Blues


Once decades ago, when I was still just an eager young  puppy, I read a book titled “EVEN COW GIRLS GET THE BLUES”

That has been fifty years ago or so, and I don’t remember much about the book itself.  But, the title sticks with me, as sort of a metaphoric reminder, that the life of everyone includes a certain amount of legitimate bad times and  unavoidable bummers. And, that to be well adjusted, I must embrace that as fact.  And embrace it, I do. Fully.

But, here lately, it seems that ……………………

………………………………… lately it seems that the world is totally upside down.

Because of the influence of Donald Trump, willful ignorance is celebrated as patriotism.  Science is held in contempt.  Exercise of constitutionally guaranteed liberties is decried as “un American.” Religion is used to invoke violence and injustice. Racism and bigotry are publicly encouraged by our president. And, our noses are rubbed in this evil everyday.It is, at least to me, overwhelming.

This Cow Girl has the Blues. I am an ultra liberal pacifist. I am  greatly invested in the concepts of redemption and reconciliation. My natural instinct is to talk things over. But, due to Trump’s rabble rousing, polite conversation is out of style.  At the first hint of ANY disagreement with their mad Fuehrer, the people inflamed by Trump’s rhetoric are ready to curse you, threaten your home and family and physically attack you. This is not hyperbole. This is ugly fact.

I concede, I am almost completely at sea about what to do. The only thing I know for sure, and this is actually just gut intuition, is that I have a moral obligation as a human being to speak out against this fascist frenzy. I keep floundering around, trying to figure out how to best do that EFFECTIVELY. I am open to suggestions. And, willing to follow any able leader, who will step forward and mount a local resistance.

I am looking for ideas and allies. I don’t want to be a resistance leader, just a simple soldier, sir. If you oppose fascism, but don’t approve of Ron Nesler personally, know this, I am humbled by the gravity of the cataclysm. I am willing to let any former bygones be bygones with any like minded person.

Let’s talk.


Posted by Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana




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