Wednesday 19th September 2018

Fear Not! Jim Tomes is on duty




Here’s an ARTICLE FROM US NEWS and WORLD REPORT, saying that one out of every five families in Indiana is without sufficient food.

One out of five families it says. And, since poor families have more children, even a greater percentage of little kids are hungry. I’ve been poor and I’ve been hungry, and in a nation with the huge wealth we have, this is criminal. Truly criminal. Not an accident, not unfortunate. It is criminal.

Our Dist 49 state Senator Jim Tomes, has worked like a beaver to LEGALIZE switchblade knives. If you live in Indiana, and you carry a switchblade knife, you can thank Jim Tomes for legalizing them.

If you are a hungry kid living in Indiana, you can ……………………….

………………………………………………..  thank Jim Tomes not giving a crap, about you.

Tomes is widely held to not know or care what happens to anyone except himself and his Wadesville militia group.

Tomes has had every opportunity in the world to sponsor legislation to help ordinary people. But, his life work has been to legalize switchblade knives here in Indiana.

Tomes and his hero Donald Trump,  are also putting out max effort to protect us from medical marijuana, affordable health insurance, social programs, brown people and the threat of being forced into the 21st century.

If you like living in a third world Hell hole of a state, where little kids go hungry unnecessarily, while corporations and Mike Pence sack up all the money and send it to off shore bank accounts, then Jim Tomes is your guy.

If you have a conscience, I don’t see how in the Hell you could vote for Tomes. He is a dull witted, selfish person, who cares a Hell of a lot more about his militia group and his precious guns and knives, than he does about hungry kids or suffering working people with no health insurance.

Tomes went all in to get switchblade knives legalized, because it meant increased profits for knife manufacturers. But, he told me he would NEVER approve of the ACA because it cuts the profits of the insurance companies. Tomes also says, he would NEVER approve legal medical marijuana, because of the danger of the marijuana falling into the WRONG HANDS. He told me that. Ask him.

Switchblade knives? Tomes is all in for them.

But Tomes is actively AGAINST the Affordable Care Act, increasing minimum wage, food stamps for hungry kids, Medicaid, Medicare and anything else that might offer relief to ordinary working people.

You can vote for Tomes, but I am going to go vomit. People defend Tomes, by saying he doesn’t understand, what he is doing. But, whether he is bright enough to understand or not, he is harming innocent people.



Ron Nesler posting from a moral snit

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