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…………………………….  that I’ve recently made some changes, moving toward more main stream consumerism.

Not only am I now using name brand Kleenex Tissues, as previously mentioned, but last week, I purchased some veggies, that did NOT come out of the mark down bin. And, I have now upgraded from generic cough drops, all the way up to top of the line sugar free Ricola drops.  Hear me roar, see me soar!

Posted by Ron Nesler from New Harmony Indiana

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Bucshon, Young and Braun Sun, 17 Nov 2019 19:25:56 +0000 Note to Congressman Bucshon and Senators Young and Braun. You guys are tireless in saying over and over, how much you love ………………………….. 



…………………………………………….Jesus and our military vets. 


I can’t speak directly for Jesus, but as a war vet, let me say, all I ask of you three is to speak out loudly in support of truth, honor and dignity in our national affairs. And, stop defending obvious lies, cheating. treason, profiteering, adultery, cultural warfare, and worse. I will wager, Jesus agrees.

My Cousins Bubba Bob and Bubette are dull witted and uneducated enough to believe the conman Trump. You three educated gentlemen lack those excuses. I would hate to be in the shoes of any one of the three of you, when the time comes to stand before either Jesus or history (or both) to be judged.   

Remember: Duty, Honor and Country. 


Posted by a war vet, who is heart sick with our cynical elected representatives.





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POVERTY PTSD Fri, 08 Nov 2019 02:26:23 +0000 I have a box of Kleenex tissues on my bedside table, it reminds me that  ………………….



…………………………..  only in very recent years, have I allowed myself that luxury.

For most of my life, I kept an extra roll of toilet paper handy for wiping my nose, sneezing or mopping up tears. I did this, because the T.P. was cheaper than Kleenex, and I was pretty well forced to buy it anyway for its intended use. And, having been whipped by the lash of economic insecurity (ie poverty)  I have existential fear of any sort of personal extravagance. 

Today, I am pretty comfortable financially. But, I grew up in Griffin, where my family never had indoor plumbing, until I was thirteen years old. 

I was drafted into the US Army, when I was 19. At that time, a private E-1 soldier was paid about $90 per month. I specifically remember standing in the pay line on our monthly pay day to receive the $68 in cash, which was what remained of my $90 monthly pay after deductions. You do not develop stylish or expensive habits on $68 per month net.  

I re-enlisted and spent a total of eight years in the active duty Army. By the time I left the Army, I was a Staff Sergeant E-6 and bringing home about $1000 per month. Still not getting rich, but a lot better. However, this higher income was wiped out by the fact, that I spent my last 18 months of Army life in Alaska. Back in those days, while the Alaska pipeline was being built, Alaska was a stunningly expensive place to live. Most soldiers hardly ever went to town, because many of the pipe liners were paid per day, what we enlisted swine were paid per month. For this reason, soldiers were not catered to by businesses. 

After, I left the Army, I stayed drunk for about ten years, and the pay for that was even crumbier, than the Army pay.  During that time, I was once even homeless on the streets of New Orleans for a couple or three months.

I’ve had some humbling experiences, that have made a huge impression on me. 

Finally in the mid 1980’s I put the plug in the jug, and I started earning pretty good money in big ticket sales, and in some small time real estate developing. I did pretty well. And, then in the early 1990’s, I was lucky enough to meet Sue. We married, she was already pretty well set on her own, and she taught me how to keep some of the money that was passing through my hands.

Since, I married Sue, in 1992, things have been pretty rosy for me financially. But, I still have all of the fear of extravagance, that I picked up being stricken by poverty.  It is only within the last three or four years, that I have loosened up enough to buy the boxes of Kleenex tissues. 

I have poverty PTSD. I shop at thrift stores and garage sales and cruise the grocery store buying mark downs only.  I am trying to get over this, but it is tough to do. I am planning on trying soon to buy a new shirt, rather than the thrift store ones I have now. I will let you know how it goes.



Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana



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MY COME TO TRUMP MOMENT Wed, 06 Nov 2019 21:30:58 +0000 We can all remember, that magic transcendent moment, when we realized Donald Trump was the chosen one of Jesus, the Holy one to whom we must dedicate our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honors. 

For me, it was the moment when ………………



……………………………………… when Trump, on national television, speaking before millions of Americans, MOCKED THE PALSY AND PHYSICAL DEFORMITIES of a news reporter, who had displeased him. How could I see this Christlike act and not realize, that Trump is the anointed one of God?

I would like to ask Senators Braun and Todd Young, Rep Larry Bucshon, Franklin Graham, and Jerry Falwell, when was your come to Trump moment?

For you four spiritual giants, I suspect your personal epiphanies came, while you were meditating on how best to reduce the tax burden on multi national mega corporations and down trodden billionaires.



Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana


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GOOD OLD ORDINARY HUMANS SWEEP NEW HARMONY TOWN BOARD ELECTION Wed, 06 Nov 2019 03:36:10 +0000 Winners: Blaylock, Watson, Wade, Alsop and Williams.
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Now, that I have your attention, please read this…

Several years ago, while David Campbell was president of the New Harmony town board, he had me arrested for DISORDERLY CONDUCT at a town board meeting. 

At that meeting, Dave was purple angry, that I tried to question him about an illegal contract, he had created between the town of New Harmony and Dona Kohlmeyer the then owner of the Posey County News newspaper. He refused to recognize me to speak about it during the meeting, and after the meeting, he shrieked in my face, that I was a sleaze bag and stomped out the door, calling the Town Marshall Scotty Champlain in from outside to  force me to leave the meeting or be arrested. 

I politely refused Scotty’s order to leave. Then, Scotty told me he had orders from Campbell to arrest me  failing my immediate departure. A quorum of the town board was still in the room, Joe Morris, Joe Straw and Don Gibbs as well as the Town Clerk, who becomes a voting member of the board, when any member is absent. Dona Kohlmeyer, the then owner of the Posey  County News newspaper was huddled together with these board members. Read the depositions below. 

To have emptied the room of public spectators, would have put the board members in contravention of the law against them meeting more than two at a time, without the public notified and in attendance. Scotty was in way over his skill level, because of Campbell’s orders, and Campbell had no idea of the law concerning public meetings, 

Scotty, then told me I was under arrest for DISORDERLY CONDUCT, handcuffed me and drove me off to jail in Mt Vernon in the midst of the worst ice storm of the century. And, that is recorded fact, not hyperbole.  I was dragged to Mt Vernon without any of my medications or my medical oxygen. The jail processed me in, I bailed myself out. Then friends from New Harmony, including good old Ralph Hardy, risked life and limb on the totally iced over road to retrieve me and deliver me home to my terrified wife and daughter.

Campbell and the County Prosecutor  offered to “let me off” with a $50 fine, if I would plead guilty to DISORDERLY CONDUCT and let the matter die. However, by this time, I knew, that there is a legal definition of DISORDERLY CONDUCT in the Indiana State Codes, and that I had done nothing to make me guilty of that charge. In fact, I may have been the only person involved in this ugly incident, who did not break any laws,  

Consequently, I lawyered up and demanded a jury trial. This put Campbell up a stump, because he now had to prove, that I had violated the law, which I most certainly had not. Campbell thought, that when I refused to allow either he or Scotty to order me to leave the town hall, that my disobeying the two of them made me a law breaker. But, sadly for Porky Campbell, that was NOT what Indiana law said. 

Campbell and the County Prosecutor  called nine witnesses against me. All nine were deposed (QUESTIONED UNDER OATH) before the County Prosecutor. All nine depositions are linked below for your reading pleasure. Not one of these nine witnesses was able to testify, that I had committed DISORDERLY CONDUCT in any fashion or broken any laws at all. Not one of them, not even Campbell himself, could testify to ANYTHING illegal on my part.  


Interestingly enough, when you read all of the sworn depositions, when Campbell HIMSELF shouted in my face, that I was a “sleaze bag” he was probably guilty of TUMULTUOUS ACTIONS himself,  which are chargeable under Indiana CODES as a form of disorderly conduct.

It was Campbell who SHOULD have been arrested at that point, when he screamed bad language in my face. But, then HE was supervising the Town Marshall at that moment.

During the depositions, Campbell tripped over his own clumsy fat pig feet and got caught lying under oath before the County Prosecutor. While being deposed, Campbell swore under oath, that he knew absolutely NOTHING about about the contract renting the New Harmony town property to the Posey County News. Then, my lawyer and the prosecutor, slapped Campbell in right in his fat LYING face, with the actual contract with his signature, and his signature ONLY on it for the town of New Harmony.

I THINK, Campbell thought he was safe in lying, because he THOUGHT the contract had been destroyed. But, my lawyer, through some miracle, had obtained the original of the contract. I think he got it from the owner of the Posey County News. So, Campbell was caught flat footed LYING under oath. 

At this point, with zero proof, that I had broken any law, and Campbell, the star witness against me, caught lying under oath, all charges were dropped. I received an apology from the Prosecutor and from Don Gibbs, who was on the town board, when all of this happened.

I am STILL owed an apology from the town itself.

After, the charges were dropped, Campbell took one more whack at me. He tried to get the state to take away my concealed carry permit for a firearm. He called the State Police in Indianapolis, and accused me of not being a “fit person” to have a firearm concealed carry permit.

Once more, I whipped Campbell’s lard ass on that, too. I had to go, in poor health, to a hearing in Indianapolis to defend myself against Campbell’s charges that I was “unfit” to carry a firearm. But, the Administrative Law Judge, I appeared before in Indianapolis was a fellow war vet, and agreed with me, that I was more “fit” to carry a firearm, than most of the draft dodgers around me, such as Campbell.

So, David can kiss my patootie on that one too! 

There are some lessons in all of this.

First, a guy like Campbell, who will lie under oath, will ALSO lie about anything at any time.

And next, Campbell  showed himself to be a third rate sissy jelly bean, who used the power of public office to try to punish a private enemy.

That time it was me he attacked with the power of his office, but I had the brains and money to defend myself. If the voters give Campbell public office again, his next victim may not be as well equipped to defend themselves, as I am. Vote him out. He’s a cowardly jerk and morally unfit. 

I also want to make very clear, that regardless of the terms or content of the contract Campbell made with the Posey County News, the contract was totally illegal on its face.

Indiana law requires ANY contract between a town and any other entity to be discussed by a quorum of the board members in a meeting that is announced in advance and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. 

Slicksters like Campbell are the REASON we need that law. Campbell made the contract with his friend at the Posey County News, without ANY discussion in a public meeting, completely under the table. Campbell is a sneaking, lying scoff law.

Allow me to say, David Campbell is a bully a liar and a COWARD. Please vote for someone other than Campbell. My cat has more honor and dignity than Campbell. 

By the way, NONE of this was the fault of Town Marshall Scott Champlain, Scotty was just following orders from Campbell.

And, as a matter of fact, later, while good ol’ Scotty was suffering from cancer, David Campbell tried to screw Scotty out of his retirement, by not allowing to serve out his required time for his pension. Scotty had to pay a lawyer to protect himself  from Campbell’s attack on this. 

Campbell is a natural rat. Ask Scotty. 


Ron Nesler spreading the truth from New Harmony, Indiana




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APOLOGIES Sun, 27 Oct 2019 00:42:37 +0000 I am now accepting apologies from ……………………



………………………………………….all of the Trump supporters, who have insulted me, impugned my patriotism and accused me of not loving Jesus over the past two years. 


 LOCAL & GALACTIC NEWS  updated 26 Oct 2019

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OUR CHOICES FOR NEW HARMONY TOWN BOARD Fri, 18 Oct 2019 01:06:20 +0000  

This web site is endorsing four candidates for town board. These four are all incumbents, and have proven, they can ……………



…………………………………… well together.


Here are some of their ACCOMPLISHMENTS. Each of the four supports the other three. This is a team, and here is some info on each one. 



                                      ROGER WADE 


We wanted to also endorse incumbent David Flanders, but we CAN’T. Mr Flanders has gone rogue and is supporting DAVID CAMPBELL, against the four other incumbents with whom he served. So, we are still shopping for a fifth candidate to endorse along with the four named above. 


We also support Karla Atkins, who is running unopposed for the office of town clerk. Karla does good work, and deserves the support of all involved.  I suspect, that’s why no one runs against her. 


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PLEASE RE-ELECT ALVIN BLAYLOCK Sat, 12 Oct 2019 21:30:21 +0000 Alvin Blaylock is an incumbent town board member, and has served as our town board president since our last town election. Here are some of the ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF THE PRESENT TOWN BOARD.   And with all of this accomplished, the town is better off financially, that when this board took over. 

Mr Blaylock was ………………………………..




……………..born on a farm in Posey County just outside of New Harmony, has lived in Posey County his entire life, and inside the town of New Harmony for over fifty years.    

Alvin is a proud veteran of the United States Army.

Alvin’s working career was in a leadership and management, which suits him very well to overseeing our town business affairs. He was with General Plastics for thirty one years, and worked ten years for a construction management firm. For the past fifteen years, Alvin has been self employed as a farmer.  Alvin says, that his business and leadership experience enables him to help town employees complete their tasks in a safe, timely, and cost effective manner. I agree with him, the He has done a good jib and should be re-elected.

Alvin pledges to continue to be willing to talk to any New Harmony resident with questions or complaints about town business. He has been and will continue to be accessible to everyone in town.


After the voters elected Alvin to serve on the town board in our last town election, he was president of the board by a vote of the other four members. That’s not just an honor, it is a show of trust and respect by the other members. The board president wields extra powers the other members do not have, and the other members chose trust Alvin with those extra powers. 

Chief among these extra powers of the board president is setting the agenda for each meeting,m prior to the meeting. Town business can’t be decided without each issue being discussed in a public meeting and voted on in public. The president sets the agenda as to what topics will be discussed in each meeting. If it is not on the president’s agenda, it can’t be discussed and voted on. This keeps the meetings from dragging out forever, and keeps everyone on topic. Deciding the agenda of each meeting gives  the president lots of extra power.

That the other four members conferred this power to Alvin means he is respected and trusted by the others to set the agendas fairly.  Alvin has done a top notch job as board president, and it will be good for the town, if he is re-elected  to the board, and once again named board president. 


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Here are some of the ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF THE PRESENT TOWN BOARD.   And, with all of this accomplished, the town is better off financially, that when this board took over




GARY WATSON is an incumbent New Harmony town board member running for re-election in November 2019. He is running on the Republican ticket.  I’m a strong Democrat, but Gary is one of my top two choices for town board.  

Gary is a home town boy, born and raised in New Harmony. Gary is a family man, a retired law enforcement officer, a US Marine Corps veteran of the Vietnam war, and  a man, who has pulled himself up by his bootstraps from a humble beginning to become successful in business and in life in general. Nothing was ever handed to Gary Watson as a gift, Gary knows what it is to have goals and work toward them diligently. 

Politically, Gary and I agree on almost nothing. But, I am supporting his candidacy, because he is a decent human being, and he has the good of New Harmony at heart. Because, Gary is good for the town and for the people of the town.  

Gary is soft spoken, polite, thoughtful, concerned for others and he loves his home town of New Harmony, Indiana, as much as I do. Gary is a patriot and a fellow war vet.

Gary’s many years experience in law enforcement and in the US Marine Corps, qualifies him him to mentor our town Marshall, to insure that the Marshall’s job is performed effectively, safely and lawfully.   

Gary’s success in business and in his personal life will insure he won’t allow town funds to be squandered foolishly. With Gary on watch, every dollar goes to benefit all town residents, not just a few insiders.  Gary has never, and will never, do anything to reflect badly on the town.  

Gary was born and raised here, New Harmony is Gary’s life, not just a retirement hobby. 

Best of all, Gary is not long winded, but when he does open his mouth, the truth comes out.

Gary Watson will not mislead the people, nor disgrace the town with secret schemes and lies as some previous town board members in recent memory have done.   


Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana


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Here are some of the ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF THE PRESENT TOWN BOARD.   And, with all of this accomplished, the town is better off financially, that when this board took over


Roger Wade is an intelligent good natured man with no hidden agendas. Roger and his wife Missy are both local folks. And, both have their own separate successful businesses here in New Harmony.

My wife and I have done tens of thousands of dollars of business with Roger’s construction contracting company. Each of the several times, we have employed Roger, he has gone to great lengths to insure, that we got everything we paid for and more.

I once actually felt, that Roger had undercharged me, and I told him so. Roger responded, that his livelihood depends solely on good will among local New Harmony customers. And, that in such a small town, you have to leave everyone satisfied and smiling, if your business is going to survive. That’s an old fashioned attitude, but I like it. 

Roger told me straight up, that for him, honesty and going the extra mile are just smart business



I have never heard anyone (except Dave Campbell) say a bad word about Roger Wade.

And, if the truth be told, Roger helps out many town residents with work that is either free or way below his cost of doing the jobs. Ask some of the old timers in town about that.

Roger’s business and construction expertise are valuable on the board. So, is Roger’s unquestioned honesty. I always say, that if the voters will elect truth tellers, all other public issues will fall into place. Honesty is the keystone of good government. 

If you live in New Harmony, you know as well as I do, the problems that are caused by town board members, who are not honest.  Under Dave Campbell’s previous term as President of the town board, we had fighting and feuding and hurt feelings and bad publicity for the town. Campbell turned family against family, and friend against friend, and caused humiliation for our town in the public media. Let’s NOT go back to that. 

Vote for Roger Wade for good honest transparent town government. 


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PLEASE RE-ELECT VIRGINIA ALSOP Fri, 11 Oct 2019 00:05:09 +0000 WE ENDORSE VIRGINIA ALSOP FOR RE-ELECTION TO TOWN BOARD.  Here are some ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF THE PRESENT TOWN BOARD.    on which Virginia has served.  And, with all of this accomplished, the town is better off financially, that when this board took over


Virginia is an incumbent member of the Town Board running for re-election as a Democrat. She has done a great job on the Town Board and deserves to be reelected. The only other candidate we have endorsed so far is Republican Gary Watson.

So, that is one Democrat and one Republican endorsed by this web site. Party plays no part in our choices. We endorse those candidates, we believe to be best for the town New Harmony. Virginia Alsop definitely falls in that category.  

Virginia Alsop nee Culliver was born and raised here in Posey County. She has had a total of one husband, and her marriage has lasted decades ago. (If you want to know how many decades, you must ask Virginia) Both the Culliver and Alsop families have many generations of proud history and ties to New Harmony. 

We endorse Virginia Alsop, because Virginia Alsop has  a long standing reputation as a truth teller. And, we view nothing as more important than truthfulness for public office at any level.

Virginia’s history and reputation speak for themselves on the matter of honesty and integrity. Ask any of the old time families around New Harmony. The old timers will tell you, Virginia speaks the truth first, last and always.

If, we elect truthful people to public office, everything else will fall into place, without problems, bad publicity or hateful feuds. 

I will remind our readers, that in the not too distant past, we sadly elected a couple of town board members, who quickly became notorious for not being truthful, or even cash register honest. It brought shame and bad publicity and hateful infighting to the town.  We can all remember that. Mull over those unhappy memories of certain less than honest town board members. I think you will see, that voting for a truth teller, such as Virginia Alsop, is best for our town.  

Second only to honesty, this editor values roots and ties to the town. Virginia is a winner on that score too. Both sides of Virginia’s family, the Cullivers and the Alsops have been here in Posey County since before 1900. Virginia has children, grand children and five great grand children here in Posey County. That is true roots.  

Virginia is a successful business person on her own account, and she and her husband Don are retired from farming. Among her extended family, here in Posey County, Virginia can count farmers, school teachers, attorneys, and public servants. As well as, many many and working class folks retired from or working at GE, B&W, SABIC and many other large and small firms, right here in Posey County.   

Some of the folks running for the town board, are pretty new to New Harmony. Their only tie to the town is the house they live in. If things don’t go their way, they can just list their house for sale, and move to St Louis, or New York City, or Santa Fe, or some other fashionable community and start over again. Once they sell their house, they have no family ties or community loyalty to hold them here.

I have watched this happen with more than one of these pompous, puffed up, outsider, Big Shots. You have too.  They don’t get their way about something, and they pack up and move on. 

It’s not like that for local natives, like you and me and Virginia Alsop.  For us, this is our home.  Virginia Alsop has skin in the game here in New Harmony. Please join me in voting for Virginia Alsop and for the best interests of New Harmony.   

Ron Nesler endorsing Virginia Alsop for re-election to New Harmony Town


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