NEW HARMONY WATCH As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Sun, 26 Jan 2020 22:44:02 +0000 en-US hourly 1 NEW HARMONY WATCH 32 32 EARTH TO PLANET NOSAER Sun, 26 Jan 2020 22:31:21 +0000 Calling Ytinas at Nosaer Control, this is Galactic Explorer Thgisni  of Galactic Mission Recon II reporting initial data  from ………………



…………………. PLANET EARTH.  

Galactic Explorer Thgisni reporting as follows: Earth is a tiny planet, lacking features of physical significance. There is carbon based life and several life forms having varying levels of sentience. The two most evolutionary similar life forms to ourselves being the Dog and the Whale. But, while those two life forms have developed the highest intelligence the planet is ruled (more or less) by a peculiar evolutionary mutant called man. More about this man creature later.

Earth has only one moon and is the third of eight planets orbiting a dying star which we call Kcufgnub and the earthlings call Sol. The planet is nearing ecological destruction by man, the ruling life form, having an stunning score of 11 out of 12 Seicoidi on the Yldog planetary life form Death Wish index. Other than this strikingly egregious Yldog rating, Earth is otherwise physically pretty much, meh. 

Where Earth stands out is in its societal and spiritual oddities. The evolutionary mutant man, having wrested control from the more intelligent life forms, he, man, calls the tune for everyone else on the planet.  

Man has created a God in his own image. Their are several local variations  on this man made God, but they are all alike in most aspects.  These several variations are called religions, and man believes that adhering to them is a spiritual practice, which proves ones spiritual worth.

All religions of this God, hate all the other religions and the followers of the other religions.  Men are exhorted to punish and despise all followers of any religion of a variation of God other than their own. Many men believe, that their own variation of God will eventually punish believers in other variations and will someday cast those believers in other variations/religions of God into an eternal furnace, which they call Hell.

I kid you not, Ytinas, the situation on Earth is exactly as I report it. You should probably sit down and have a Eibood, before continuing to read.   

Even though the followers of almost all of these man made Gods believe, that their God plans eternal torment for all of the followers of other variations of God, they all try to get ahead of the game by  maiming, torturing, and murdering as many as possible, before their religion’s God puts them all in Hell.

Some of the tools that men use against followers of other religions are Crucifixion, beheading, live amputation of appendages and sexual organs, slow confined starvation, blinding, burning alive over slow fires, baking alive in sealed stone or metal containers, eviscerating while alive, stoning, suffocation, drowning in water, burying alive, dragging to death behind horses or motor vehicles, public rapes, public whippings, pulling bodies asunder with mechanical devices especially designed for this purpose, drowning in sewage, public humiliations and ostracism or casting out. These are some but not all, of the murders and torments that have been used by various man made religions to discourage belief in religions other than their own.

Some religions are more subtle than others in supporting these crimes against Slouslla, but no earthly religion I have found, will stand up to the plate and take  an uncompromising stand to end this. May the Efilforehtom forgive and love us all. 

Enough on the odd religious depravities on Earth for now, let me close out this first of my reports from planet Earth with some notes on their social organization, which is of course strongly perverted by their many variations of bizarre religion.    

As reported above, man, though far from being the most intelligent life form on earth, has forcibly taken control of the planet, by overpowering, enslaving and or decimating the more intelligence creatures such as cats, dogs, whales, Honey Bees, Passenger Pigeons, the Dodo birds and the three toed tree sloth. 

Lacking the intelligence and spiritual development of those creatures he has overpowered, man has come up with some pretty repugnant practices. Chief among these is slavery. Man revels in slavery. Man will go to any lengths to enslave other creatures. Man has invented chattel slavery, wherein he can own other men or even own the higher creatures such as cats and dogs.  If a man owns a chattel slave, the slave has no protection under law. The slave owner may use the slave in any way desired, and may torture or kill the slave, if the slave owner desires. Once becoming a slave, a creature is no longer a creature under man’s laws but is an object of the owner, the same as a ball point pen or a blender. 

But Chattel slavery is only one form of slavery, there are many other forms. All creatures except man are exempt from these other forms of slavery besides chattel slavery. 

Among the race of man, males enslave females, the rich enslave the poor, (I will explain rich and poor and employer and employee in my next report) and in short, the strong enslave the weak. The strong do this by controlling access to the physical needs of life, such as food, clothing and shelter, of the weak. This is done through a system called “private property” under which the strong “own” everything including food shelter and raiment and dole these things out to the weak either freely or stingily as they feel will best keep the weak weak and on their knees to the strong who own the necessities. If the weak don’t jump through hoops for the strong, the necessities of physical life are withheld from them, and they perish. On earth, about 2% are the owners, who are strong, and about 98% are the weak and enslaved with no real power over their own lives or even their own bodies. 

Ugly stuff, but do not allow yourself to believe that the 98% are blameless in their own subjugation. They are far from. Most of them have swallowed hook, line and sinker the very ideas that subjugate them. There are enough of them to force justice, but they are too lazy and cowardly to raise a ruckus for justice.  

The poor, the weak, the 98% of humans embrace the idea that it is their “God’s intention,” that they be enslaved by the strong, the owners the 2%. They are convinced that raising Holy Hell to get justice from the universe would be impolite, ungodly, selfish, unpatriotic and worst of all, it would be SOCIALISM. And for centuries these human drones have had it drilled into their hearts and minds, that absolutely nothing is more evil and pernicious than socialism. So, the 98% continue to creep meekly around accepting whatever slavery and humiliation the 2% heaps on them. And, uncomplainingly accepting whatever crumbs and table scraps the strong, the 2%, the owners see fit to throw them. 

No horse, mule or dog was ever so badly enslaved as this 98%. And, frankly, if any tried to do this to those higher creatures, the horse, the mule or the dog, those higher Earth creatures would kick and bite and generally raise Hell and not stand for it. More in my next report from Earth, Ytinus, and NO I am not drinking  Lohocla. Things here on planet Earth are exactly as I describe them.

Galactic Explorer Thgisni  of Galactic Mission Recon II reporting from planet Earth  




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Great article today on Hoosier pot laws on BRIAN HOWEY’S Blog. One thing I would add to Howey’s comments on POT LAWS is that the hard core put ’em jail anti pot Republicans would quickly switch tunes, if the police would start arresting rich college kids, government big shots and executives of big corporations for possession. But, that doesn’t happen, the rich get a free pass on Hoosier pot laws. 

The only Hoosiers ever arrested, roughed up and slammed into jail under Indiana’s 1850’s style pot laws are poor people, non whites, the homeless, and the occasional elderly Vietnam war vet, if they get too outspoken.  

Among my acquaintances are both rich people and poor people. The rich folks know they will not be hassled over pot laws, because of who they are. 

The poor know, that if they piss off someone in government, they may very well have their lives ruined by Hoosier marijuana laws. It is almost like, that’s how it’s intended to be, don’tcha know? 




Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana

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BECOMING A MAN Fri, 24 Jan 2020 01:47:57 +0000 GROWING UP IN ELKHART, INDIANA AND THEN …….. 



………………………………. trying to recover from it.


Here is a Hell of a piece of writing from the New York Times.  BECOMING A MAN 




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Like many another, I left the GOP when it was taken over by the evangelicals and institutionalized torture of prisoners. That was a bridge too far for me, but I have some advice for any rational people, who might still be clinging  to the GOP hoping for it to return to republican principles.

Your party is busting a gut to protect Mr Trump and you keep handing him more and more executive power to try to keep him out of durance vile. Obviously, that is bad for the nation, but as a practical matter, it is also bad for the Republican party.

Trump won’t be president forever, (unless Franklin Graham gets his way)  and once Trump is out of office, all of this extra constitutional power will devolve on the next president and every president thereafter for all time. Once you give away the people’s power to the executive branch, there’s no getting it back.

And, soon you will have a Democratic president wielding all of this unconstitutional power you are handing over to Trump. Do you guys really want that? Or would you maybe prefer to get rid of Trump and go back to constitutional government before the entire system is a goner?

Protecting your own crook may seem momentarily sweet to the GOP, but the Democrats are just as capable of electing a fool and a knave as you are, and karma will bite you in your butt..




Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony Indiana

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Accepting Christianity Sat, 18 Jan 2020 18:00:15 +0000  I’ve always wanted the comfort of accepting Christianity, but …………………….



……………………………………………but, I’ve been thwarted in this desire by the fact that there are so many conflicting versions of Christianity. Each version accuses all the others of being false. And, all of the Christian sects around me seem to work against the teachings of Jesus by scurrying around like beavers to hoard up money. And, to create political dictatorships, to force their own man made dogma down the unwilling throats of those who don’t completely agree with them. I have never been able to swallow those bitter snake oil pills. 

I have finally found a version of Christianity to which I can subscribe without feeling icky.

It is the Christianity described by Victor Hugo in his novel LES MISERABLES. That Christianity is shown in the devotion to God and God’s children, of a wretched French convict and galley slave  named Jean Valjean. And, by a Catholic Bishop named Bishop Myriel, who is also known as Monseigneur Bienvenu. 

If you want to see pure Christianity with some meat on its bones and sincerity in its heart and that will comfort your soul while pricking your conscience, get a copy of LES MISERABLES and read about galley slave Jean Valjean and Bishop Myriel.

I just finished this book, and it has caused me, at age 72, to finally be able to COMFORTABLY get past all the phony hoopla and embrace the teachings of Jesus. 

Read on McDuff! 




Ron Nesler posting the news from New Harmony Indiana

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Jim Tomes vs God and Planet Sat, 11 Jan 2020 20:56:47 +0000 I draw your attention to proposed Indiana Senate Bill 73 which, if passed into law, would ……….


.……………………… PREVENT Hoosier citizens from anonymously reporting intentional environmental damage by big corporations.

As the law stands, Hoosiers can anonymously report environmental crimes by such entities as DOW Chemical or BIG OIL companies or other wrong doers, thus avoiding retribution from these big unlawful corporations. 

Senate Bill SB 73 brought forward by State Senator Jim Tomes of Wadesville, would force  the little person reporting environmental crimes to reveal her/his name, address and phone number to the criminal corporation being complained ABOUT.  

In what way does this help Hoosiers? 

Tomes is an enemy of not only human people, but also the enemy of God and of the planet.

This is the same guy, who says his Wadesville militia group has a God given “right” to own and use any weapon used by the U.S. Army or U.S. Marine Corps.

He is also the State Senator, who has repeatedly said, he will never, ever under any circumstance cast a Senate vote in favor of MEDICAL MARIJUANA for INDIANA.  

Ask him, he will tell you that straight out. Tomes is mentally deficient and unbalanced, but he is not shy in talking about his nutty ideas.  


Ron Nesler, an ordinary human person,  posting from New Harmony Indiana


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Dear Sen Braun, …………………………………………. 


I live in Southern Indiana. Many people of my acquaintance are evangelical Christians. This includes several members of my family, two of which are evangelical preachers. Every evangelical I speak with, as recently as today, tells me three things. They tell me, that it is their unshakable belief, that for Jesus to return to earth, there must first be a cataclysmic war, that starts in the middle East and spreads  globally. Secondly, they tell me, that they believe Jesus has hand picked President Trump to set off this war.

The third thing they tell me, is that you are one of them, and share these beliefs.  

I’m a constituent. Also, a Christian, who believes Christ taught peace, love and forgiveness, not slaughter. I have questions. Surely you can understand my concern. Are you really an evangelical as they claim? Do you believe President Trump was hand picked by God to set off a world wide conflagration to fulfill biblical prophecy? Do you believe, that Trump’s war, will bring Jesus back to earth?  I need to know as soon as possible. 


Ron Nesler New Harmony, Indiana




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I have discovered a coded key to translate the utterances of US Sen Mike Braun, State Sen Jim Tomes and their trusty evangelical followers. I found this key, in Wadesville, while digging at the sight of a 1950’s tent revival and faith healing gathering near the shrine to Christian Machine Guns erected there by State Sen Jim Tomes. 

Here’s the skinny. Because Trump has had three marriages, children by various females and been in a state of open adultery with married women since 1965, they believe him to be a champion of family values and Christian piety.

Because he has filed business bankruptcy six times and was forced by the courts to return money he fraudulently collected in the guise of “helping” war vets, they believe him to be a financial genius, who can cure the general prosperity our nation is suffering.  

And, most recently, because Trump lied to dodge the draft in the Vietnam war, they believe, he is exactly the military hero we should follow into more endless bloody wars in the middle East. 

Who can argue with any of that? Braun and Tomes and their evangelical Holy Rollers are not so complicated once you find the Rosetta Stone to their thinking. 

Ron Nesler an old soldier, who unlike Trump and Braun served in Vietnam.

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STATE RELIGION? NOT FOR ME Sat, 04 Jan 2020 22:56:14 +0000 The fascists turn both ignorance and knowledge against us by …………….



………………………..  not allowing wisdom or spirituality a seat at the table.   

Humanity knows ignorance is our enemy, because of thousands of years of ignorance has always brought us death, suffering, wars, slavery, disease, and disaster. Most of us have absorbed that fact.  

But, as America becomes more fascist, even knowledge is being used against us, by means of redefining knowledge as ONLY that which can be proven mathematically, by the tallying up of corporate profit and loss sheets or measuring the DJIA. This is our new state religion. 

For human people, knowledge is a lot more than arithmetic and tallying up corporate profit or loss.  

Humanity includes, among our sources of knowledge, our conscience, which tells us right from wrong. Any of us, except the very most damaged, know the difference between right and wrong, it can’t be tallied up by accountant, but we know the difference, it is written into our human software by God. Even politicians, such as Trump and Pence and Franklin Graham, know that difference. That is why they use such bombast, noise and lying to obscure the wrong they do. If they were righteous, they wouldn’t NEED to lie and muddy the water.  

Human intuition, another source of knowledge, makes it clear to me, that there is a creator. How else, would I explain the stars, the infinite universe, the tendency of (most) humans toward mercy and justice,  the mysteries of morel mushrooms, or the migration of tiny little baby turtles back to the water?  Without positing a creator, I can find no explanation for any of that or for lots more of God’s works.  

The fascists insist, that only THEY can tell us right from wrong, and that ordinary people must stifle our own consciences, and our own hearts and minds. The fascists are strident, that we bow to the contrived fascist god, being peddled by Trump, Pence and Franklin Graham. I note, that the phony fascist god embraces lying, adultery, sexual abuse, stealing, treason, bombing civilian targets and grabbing unknown women by the Pussy. 

BALONEY to this made up fascist god and this phony religion. And, baloney to Trump and Franklin Graham and Mike Pence for trying to force this fascist crap disguised as religion down our American throats.

I’m a human being endowed by my creator with certain inalienable rights. Among those inalienable rights are life, liberty, conscience and freedom from a state religion. That was good enough for our Founders, and it’s good enough for me.  I will stand pat, thank you.   

Ron Nesler a free man in New Harmony Indiana

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LEGAL WEED ACROSS THE WABASH Mon, 30 Dec 2019 17:49:19 +0000  






.…………………………   jail elderly war vets and teenagers for having a joint? Probably.  



Most ordinary human people in Indiana want the Hoosier state to give up its stupid backwoodsy war against weed. 

But, State Senator Jim Tomes is hoping for weed check points with machine gun bunkers and snarling weed dogs along the Indiana Illinois border to stop weed from leaking across and into Indiana and ruining the morals of Hoosiers who support Trumpski. 

Tomes strongly believes his plan is righteous. He says, it would not only effectively punish evil Hoosiers, who use weed, without the cost of a trial, but at the same time it would give him a legal excuse to have more machine guns and snarling attack dogs in Indiana.

And, that besides punishing weed users and encouraging violence and vengeance, the border checkpoints could also be used to gun down gays and socialists and brown people and Democrats trying to sneak into Indiana from across the border with Illinois.

Tomes is a fascist moron and a very poorly educated fool. He CLAIMS to have been an Airborne warrior during the Vietnam war, but was actually a wrench twisting vehicle mechanic in a rear echelon Army motor pool.

Tomes is a gutless ninny, who ignores his constituents and jumps through hoops like a trained poodle for Governor Holcomb.  May the sand fleas of Hell bite him and Holcomb BOTH in the ass. 






Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony Indiana








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Simplicity itself Sat, 28 Dec 2019 20:39:38 +0000 If, I’ve seemed a bit more odd that usual during the past few weeks, it is probably because ……………..



……………………………………………..  Christmas always bums me out. As I look around me, I see most Americans celebrating Christmas with noise, flashing lights, alcohol, family fights, suicides, murders, car wrecks house fires, divorces and burdening themselves with unmanageable debt, that many will carry over to the next Christmas. I do not find all of that to be cheerful or happy making or spiritually uplifting.

In America, more lives are ruined by Christmas celebrations than by bears, rattlesnakes, earthquakes, tornadoes, terror attacks and Donald Trump all combined.

Saying a silent prayer, while feeding the hungry and housing the poor is a spiritual observance. American Christmas celebrations have nothing to do with spirituality or even family bonding. American Christmas celebrations are a corporate Republican scam to keep the cash registers ringing in the dead of winter by fleecing the working class.  All of that causes me to be annually deeply depressed over the suffering of my fellow man.

This year along with the mental depression, I also had some scary physical symptoms. For the past few months, I have had a roaring headache, a foul metallic taste in my mouth, increased problems getting my breath, bizarre dreams, a dizzy “other worldly” feeling and have been sometimes too weak to open a pull-tab tin of my favorite sardines.

I have consulted MD’s, RN’s, phone psychics, old Army buddies, Shamans, wise men, the I Ching (and my cats) with but little positive results.  

I finally surrendered to my wife’s long standing advice to double my water intake and stop eating any food between 7:00 PM and 10:00 AM. Bingo! In just a few days the quirky physical symptoms are gone, and I begin to have the will to live. 

My wife, Suzanne, says that not eating for those 15 hours per day allows my body to catch up on processing what I DO eat during the other nine hours of each day. And, that the one quart of water daily, I was drinking before doubling up, was simple NOT enough to keep my body sufficiently hydrated.  Thank you Suzanne. 

Like all other mortals, I may expire and assume room temp within the moment, but if I do, I will die feeling a Hell of a lot better, than I have been feeling. 

Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony Indiana

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WAR CRIMES Fri, 27 Dec 2019 18:17:46 +0000 It is a tough competition, but maybe the very worst most damaging thing Trump has done is abetting WAR CRIMES committed by …………………  



…………………………………………….  rogue US military personnel like Eddie Gallagher.


What could possibly be more destructive of America’s heart and soul, than to have our president defend these CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY? It is contrary to everything America stands for. 

I served eight years active duty in the US Army, with 15 months of that in a combat unit in Vietnam. That buys me the right to state an opinion. Trump’s defense of Eddie Gallagher’s war crimes is destructive of America, our military, Christianity and world peace. Trump is an anti American monster.  If you are willing to support Trump in order to pack the Supreme Court, you need to get a tune up for your conscience. 

Gallagher’s fellow soldiers COULD have killed him and covered it up to stop his murderous crimes, instead of turning him in and trusting the military justice system to deal with him as they did. Because of Trump’s evil interference, that is probably how the next Eddie Gallagher will be dealt with by the military. Good soldiers know, when you can’t trust the system, you take justice into your own hands. That is not a step forward for America nor our military. 



Ron Nesler, an old soldier, speaking up for America and common decency from New Harmony, Indiana.



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