Friday 20th July 2018

Fewer Docile victims


I have often said, that inherited wealth/privilege is the leading cause of libertarian-ism. I will add, that ignorance of world events is the major cause of working class “conservatism.” As an aside, I don’t like using the word conservatism, because it has lost its meaning. What we call conservatism today is actually 1930’s style fascism, with which no true conservative would associate themselves. But that’s a topic for another day. Getting back to ignorance of world events, it is pretty obvious to me, that if working class people had even the least clue about…………..

……………………………………………………………………………………..about how badly the corporate run system is rigged against them, these workers would shun right wing corporatism like the plague. But, in the Red States public education is neutered, and the working class is constantly propagandized by the radical right. to view learning as effete or “sissy.”

Look around you,  Indiana is a great example of successful corporate propaganda at its most effective. In the Blue States workers have access to hearing open political discourse. But Red State Tea Party Republicans have some how convinced working Hoosiers, many of whom have never earned $30K per year in their lives, that labor unions and accessible health care are unpatriotic, ungodly and unmanly. Whatever in the Hell “unmanly” means. And the Hoosier working people are propagandized that anything that raises taxes for the billionaires is evil socialism. You have to give Red State fascists credit where credit is due and award them an A+ on their propagandizing.

Here are a couple of simple truths that are hidden somehow from Hoosier workers.

#1. if you work for wages in America, you automatically pay a higher rate of income taxes on your earnings, than does the billionaire, whose earnings are from investments. Ask the farm hands, oilfield laborers and trash picker uppers, if they are aware of that.

#2. If you are a human being, you automatically pay a higher rate of income taxes on your earnings from anything, than corporations pay on THEIR earnings. .

And, if that is not evil enough for you, if Trumpski and the Republican Congress gets THEIR way. This crap is about to become even MORE unfair.

A center piece of the new fascist GOP tax plan is to also extend the lower corporate tax rate to the personal human earnings of those billionaires who OWN the corporations. Right now, when corporate owners draw their “earnings” out of their corporation, they pay the human tax rate on those human earnings. The new GOP tax plan, will let them pay the lower corporate rate, even on these profits paid out as human earnings. If you like this idea, be sure to vote for Republicans. If this pisses you off, try to educate your neighbors.

In this world, you have a choice of being either a docile victim or an informed citizen. It is YOUR choice. And, it is YOUR responsibility to help others understand our government.


Posted by Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

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