Saturday 20th October 2018

Fire and Furry Hugely Covfefe


Ron Nesler New Harmony Indiana

I just finished reading Michael Wolff’s book FIRE and FURY. I take away from it, that being recklessly disorganized and running their arrogant mouths at every opportunity has bitten Trump and his family in the ass. Trump is his own worst enemy. No big surprises there.

And, he never intended to be elected. No one around him thought he could be elected. On election night 2016 Kelly Anne Conway, Bannon, et all hoped only, that Trump wouldn’t be completely humiliated, and thus reflect badly on their work on his campaign.  Trump’s own often stated desire was to become the most famous person on the planet by losing. And, then to spend the rest of his life being fawned over as a  “consultant” on FOX News.  I repeat, that was his stated plan. And, Trump is just as unhappy being president, as we are in having him. He hates it, because it has constraints and limits.

I also take away from it, what I have long suspected, that Trump either can’t or won’t read. And, that he takes in what information he has from watching cable news 10 hours per day. The book also lays out very clearly, that Trump has zero ideological leanings. His opinions are based on what the last person who spoke to him said.  He is not a Republican. He could of just as easily have ran as a Democrat, a Libertarian, a Socialist, a Whig, an American Nazi, a Communist or a guinea fowl. He does not have and does not desire any political ideology.

Trump is 100% motivated by a childlike craving for attention and approval. He wants to be liked and admired. In the book it is revealed that Trump’s own family, cabinet and advisers know this about him. None of them view him as fit for office or even as a functional human being. His family and staff make a full time effort to manage his irrational mood swings. Some of them do it for personal gain. Some of them do it, because they have a sincere patriotic desire to prevent him from destroying the nation.

Trump is a walking talking Constitutional Crisis. He is an accidental, minority president. A fluke of our system. A cosmic joke and an insoluble riddle. He presents our nation with an existential crisis of proportions not seen since our US Civil War. There are no effective provisions in either law or constitution for dealing with the emergency he presents. Left unchecked, he is destroying our government. But, to stop him, may require suspending the Constitution. There are no easy, safe ways out of this.

Ron Nesler New Harmony, Indiana

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