Flaubert and Trump circus vs circus


Last night, I dreamed that ………………..


……………………………….my entire immediate family were circus trapeze performers and morality lecturers at public events.

We were performing our family act, while traveling with a old fashion circus with horse drawn wagons, during the era and in the locale of Gustav Flaubert’s iconic novel Madame Bovary. Some of the characters of the novel leaked over into my dream as bit players.

Like in most dreams, the plot was fluid and kept shifting, but the main story line running through the whole dream was that my family was being pursued and persecuted by knuckle dragging Trumper Fascists  intent on punishing our free thinking and unwillingness to knuckle under to Fascistic Trumper social dogma. 

We resisted and overcame the evil authoritarian Trumpoid bastards. What a sweet dream.

Ron Nesler dreaming from New Harmony, Indiana

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