Friday 20th October 2017

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I confess, I spend WAY too much time on the internet, especially on Face Book. But a case can be made, that this is a program of  my continuing education. Take yesterday for example.

Yesterday, I was trolling around Face Book posting links to news articles about our nations UN VOTE ON BANNING THE DEATH PENALTY FOR THE “CRIME” OF CONSENSUAL GAY SEX. In short, the UN moved to condemn the death penalty for consensual gay sex, and our nation joined Saudi Arabia and Iraq in voting NO. Meaning that we as a nation are now on record as SUPPORTING the death penalty for such consensual sex acts. Pretty evil and scary stuff, in this old soldiers book.

The most common response, that I got from Trump supporters about this UN vote, was to deny that it happened. Not one Trumpster openly agreed with our NO vote, but many said they simply did not believe, that it happened. Several called it “fake news” contrived to hurt Donald Trump. One remarked, that they would NOT believe, that it happened, unless they heard an admission directly from Donald Trump. Many laid the blame on President Obama, who hasn’t been in office for eight months.  A few offered to pray for ME, that Jesus heal my error.

Here we have denial of a clear fact. The fact that something dark and shameful happened. Something that occurred out in the open, before the eyes of the entire world. An action that was clearly reported on by media around the globe. Something, that in my book, would be impossible to miss, even if you can’t read. And, the response of the Trump supporters, is simply to deny that it happened.

That is the most scary thing about this tin pot Fuehrer. Trump has somehow conjured up complete willingness to ignore physical evidence, among about 35% of the American public. Trump didn’t invent willful ignorance, but he has weaponized it. I weep for the soul of our nation.

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