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Opioid deaths are reduced in legal marijuana states, and Illinois now reaps more tax revenue from legal pot, than from alcohol taxes While right across the state line in Indiana, two people, Gov. Eric Holcomb and U.S. Sen Mike Braun, stubbornly obstruct legal Hoosier pot.

My wife and I recently shelled out $100,000 plus to buy, furnish and accoutre a fishing cottage on a lake in Illinois. Legal pot wasn’t the only reason this money fled Indiana for Illinois, but that was a major factor. We have quickly discovered that two of the neighboring cottages on the lake are owned by other retired Hoosier military families, who share our reluctance to see vacationers arrested, shackled, slapped around and dragged off to jail over a stupid weed, that grows wild on ditch banks.

If you live, vote and pay taxes in Indiana, you might want to reach out to Gov Holcomb and Sen Braun about this. Both Braun and Holcomb dishonestly blame this on the other, while in fact,  they are both equally to blame. Tell them both, that their greedy slavishness to the liquor industry not only harms the health of Hoosiers, but also costs us a bundle in tax revenue that is fleeing to Illinois and other bordering legal states.

Go ahead, tell them both. They both think ordinary Hoosiers are too stupid to understand this. Let them know, you are awake. 

Ron Nesler posting from New Harmony, Indiana

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