FOUND LETTER dated Nov 11th 1951


Dear Walter,                                                    Nov 11th 1951 

This is your uncle Bob writing to catch you up on news from the home front. Your mother and cousin Leroy and aunt Doris are well and send best wishes. I am as usual living life on the edge. Recently, I have been …….. 


……………………………………………  tempting fate by reusing the lancets from my blood sugar test kit over and over and taking other wild risks. A man is never so alive as when the bullets of dangerous circumstance are whizzing closely past one’s ears.  

Our garden was a success this year. We have stored away dried beans and froze about five gallons of blackberries for ceremonial feasts during the winter. We also have a good supply of Jerusalem artichokes, or fartichokes as you  so humorously refer to them, and our horse radish was finally a good producer this year.

On the down side, the squirrels once again ate all of our plums, and I do mean all, not one plum from three trees was left for us by the bushy tailed little tree rats. The little cretins also carried away almost all of our pecans from four trees, and this was in spite of your  aunt Doris running about the yard casting vile curses (and rocks) at them. So be it with the squirrels, may they all rot in hell. 

Shirley has been by inquiring about you, and her attorney called us asking questions, but we have not admitted knowing  your whereabouts or any information at all about you. She is still pretty steamed at you, but I don’t see where she has any legitimate complaint, since the firemen were able to get her down from the tree with no serious injury except to her vanity.   Surely, even a hard case like Shirley will forgive and forget eventually. I think in a few years, this will all blow over and you can return to your life in the clergy. In the mean time, you know that you have the full love and support of all of us here at Chez Bob. 

We are planning on celebrating the winter Solstice with Martha and Eugene again this year. We always enjoy being their holiday guests. Even when Eugene goes into his mumbling mode after a few toddies and Martha starts shedding her clothes, they are still fun Never a dull moment with Martha and Eugene, I always say.   

Well, that’s about it for now. Doris says to tell you that Morris and Catabba speak well of you quite often, and she is sure you are in their cat dreams. Keep us posted and we will closely monitor the situation vis a vis Shirley for you, and let you know if anything changes on that matter. Your secrets are safe with us. 

Uncle Bob, Aunt Doris and family

Warmest regards and happy holidays





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